Monday, February 24, 2014

Blogging Away And A Thought or Two...

Good Monday Morning! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are fully rested and ready to face the week. 

This week we are back at lessons - last week was a half term for us in Derbyshire and it was such a restful one for me. I was able to focus on our learning plans going forward, get it clear in my own head how to approach upcoming exams with our eldest daughter, and get two weeks lesson planning down on paper! Yes - I am feeling organised :o)

Tomorrow I hope to post on some home-keeping organising that always goes on in the last week of each month here at 'Moor View' - did I ever tell you that our house has a name? Well it does - Moor View. If you look at some of the pictures of our views you will see why they named it so :o)

I've gone on waaaaay longer than I intended - I meant to just pop in quickly today to let you know that I am blogging over at The Curriculum Choice today where I am reviewing The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. So if you want to know a bit more about this resource jump over and have a look.

Last little thought - I was watching 'Call The Midwife' last night (I love this program!), and one of the characters who had been a POW in a Burma concentration camp shared a word of wisdom with one of the nurses that I just love and think I might add to my repertoire of 'wise sayings' - he said, 'When storms come, leave both the front and back doors open. Don't allow misfortune to find a home'

Have a lovely Monday everyone :o)


  1. Whoa... I love that quote, too! I may have to "borrow"... if you don't mind.

    Enjoy your lovely day!!

  2. I love Call the Midwife too but it airs in different seasons in the US. Great quote!


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