Friday, February 14, 2014

A Seasonal Touch

I love a good excuse to add seasonal touches to my home, and St.Valentines Day is one of those good excuses! My reasons for adding small seasonal touches to our home and marking special days in some small way is to create a strong sense of home and family for my children. I want them to see that I delight in my role as wife, mother and home maker. So I try to be purposeful in my multi-faceted role. I really do love home-keeping, and I love creating, so thinking up little ways to add seasonal touches is a joy (and browsing Pinterest of course).

On my 'Seasonal Plans and Themes' brainstorming session, I had noted that I wanted to crochet lots of little hearts. The idea was that I would somehow use them in the home for St.Valentines Day. I was not exactly sure how, I had thought perhaps a garland, but while on a walk with one of my daughters yesterday afternoon, we spotted some branches that had been felled by the park ranges. They were a beautiful silvery white, so pretty. I immediately thought that they would make a great twig tree to display some seasonal delights on for St. Valentines and for Easter, so we gathered up a nice 'spray' of branches to take home.

After the girls had gone to bed I decorated my twig tree with the crochet hearts I have been working on - along with two other little felt hearts I made years ago. It was a nice little surprise for them to wake to this morning.

I also made a saint card which has a stained glass illustration of St. Valentine on the front and on the inside a brief historical account of the origins of the feast day.

On the mantle we have our little hearts tea light burner - which we have been enjoying throughout the whole month of February so far!

Well, I hope you all have a lovely day and a fabulous weekend! 

Blessings in Christ


  1. I love your seasonal touches!

  2. love your mantle hearts the best! So pretty :)

  3. I love your seasonal touches! I enjoy adding seasonal touches too! :o)


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