Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Secret Life of a Garden

Remember those blink-of-an-eye moments I spoke about? I have had so many wonderful moments this week. Unfortunately I have not always had my camera with me, but oh my, I have reveled in the joy that each moment has brought. I wanted to just note them down here so as not to forget. 

The first is this beautiful hydrangea flower head that I left on the bush slowly skeletonizing (I hope that is a word LOL). After the storms of last week, I was collecting bits of our property scattered around the garden and noticed these delicate remains. So pretty! I wanted to capture it and keep it forever.

The second and third happened on Thursday. Both times I was in the kitchen. On Thursday afternoon I was baking when a movement in the back garden caught my eye - there he was, in broad daylight, a small red fox! I know! I was so excited - we never see the foxes out in the day, usually only glimpses at night every so often. I watched him silently as he pottered about the garden, sniffing here and there. Sadly he seemed to be injured as he was limping on one of his forepaws.

The third was another fox - a different one - I know this because this fox was not limping, popped into the garden while I was washing dishes later on in the afternoon. The sun had set already and I only noticed it because it's movement set off the outside lights, spotlighting it's presence. It saw me clearly in the window, our eyes met, it held my gaze for a bit and then trotted off slowly. It was not spooked by my presence and just calmly went about it's exploring :o) - so lovely to watch.

Lastly, throughout this week we have had a flock of pheasants in the garden. About 5 hens and two cocks. The strut around pecking at the ground. It is lovely to watch. 

It occurred to me that our gardens have a secret life going on without our knowledge. How many times does the fox cross my yard, how many times do hedgehogs seek out food in my garden. I love it! The secret life of a garden.


  1. The secret life of the garden -- sounds like you could write a book. I love hydrangeas. I think that is my favorite flower.

  2. LOl - it certainly does sound like the title of a book doesn't it? I love hydrangeas too - they are so pretty!

  3. beautiful! I have seen wild turkeys in my yard once and wondered how many times did they cross without me knowing? Nature is around us and we only have to look :)

  4. How lovely. I have been finding droppings containing little black beetles in our garden. I'm guessing it's either a huge toad or a mongoose.


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