Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remembering The True Meaning...

I shared this video last year, it is just so beautiful and so very touching that I wanted to share it with you again this year. 

Remembering the true meaning of Christmas!

Blessings, in the name of our beautiful Saviour...



    1. Hello Jamileh,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave all these links.

      Of course I am completely aware of this 'you should, you shouldn't celebrate' issue, it seems to be quite a contentious one among believers.

      Personally we do celebrate Christmas. I believe that this is a personal decision that should be taken by believing families. For us we whole-heartedly celebrate the birth of our Saviour - without which we would have no hope. How gracious our Lord is that we come to be saved by grace and faith and not by law!

      I do find that differences such as what holidays to observe (or not), as well as some doctrinal and denomination differences can cause dessention and separation within the body of Christ. Not good!

      I have been witness to a few such heated disagreements, I however, choose not to participate in debating issues that I feel have nothing to do with my salvation. When hearing these heated debates, I often get the feeling that it is so easy to chose one thing to stand on and proclaim, 'I'm right and you are wrong', it condemns so many believers who love the Lord and strive to live a life of faith and godly growth. This happens all the time, whether it's about celebrating Christmas, Easter, the way we baptize by full immersion or not - honestly, the list of differences can go on forever!

      When we proclaim that we are right and others wrong - we condemn. Is this our place? No - only God can judge because He sees what is in my heart. The Lord knows my heart - He knows that I will never be perfect, that if we were still subject to law we would all be damned to hell. But by the grace of God go I!

      There are a thousand things that I think, say, do and don't do every day for which I desperately need God's forgiveness for. Never. Ever. As long as I have breath, will I be able to proclaim that I am righteous.

      So instead of debating these differences of opinion, I choose to try and live my life according to the greatest commandment, ' Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this; Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these. - Mark 12:30 & 31

      Peace be with you.

  2. Greetings Shirley,
    Only love and goodness is in my heart when I share the truth of the Scriptures. I am sharing, nothing more. I don't condemn, I don't say I am right and you are wrong. I share and leave the rest up to God. Maybe there are people who don't know that there is another way. I know I didn't until 14 years ago. Conviction only comes from God...nowhere else. In my humble opinion sharing another way of honoring God (according to scripture) is love for God and love for others. As well, I think as believers we can get SO caught up in loving that we forget what love is all about. It's not just good warm fuzzy feelings and kind words. It's also about accountability and going to others in love and humility when an issue arises. The things I've shared here are not about accountability. This is strictly an observation I've made about believers and love in general. Lots of love with no accountability can lead to a reckless life of selfishness. God is a God of balance and as believers we should be as well. Our lives should be lived according to what God wants and what God expects...nothing less. We have to put our desires and selfishness aside and seek HIM through scripture to find/see HIS true heart. We should look, act, talk and walk just as God does, otherwise the world will never see/hear HIM.
    Grace and Blessings

  3. Thank you for allowing me to share. Your heart is greatly appreciated!

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  5. I wish there was a way to contact you privately but since there isn't I will post here.

    I saw your comment on a blog I frequent. "Hear hear! I have just had to deal with something similar on my blog about the celebration of Christmas! I have not written a post in reply (although perhaps I should have) but rather responded in my comments.

    If we as Christians were careful to MYOB and rather build up the body - wouldn't the world be a better place? United we should stand as a better witness to the world. Instead so often time is wasted and energy expended at debating a difference of opinion which at the end of the day has nothing to do with our salvation!

    Too manyy focus on legalistic do's and don'ts and not enough emphasis on the BY GRACE YOU ARE SAVED part!"

    It saddens me that you seem to think that I was being disagreeable. I left a few links with absolutely no comment. I'm not sure how that's disagreeable?? My views may differ from yours however I still love God and others with the whole of my heart and being. I am not here to cause division. I did not share to tell people what to do or what not to do. It's sharing information, that's all. I love to share what I learn. Sharing and learning are a few passions of mine. One of the statements made on the blog post I read said, "We need to be truth seekers, if we love." I am a truth seeker. I love seeking for truth in God's Word. She also said, "We are to be tolerant of the views of others, if we love. We are not to think our own point of view is more important than that of others, if we love." I am tolerant of other viewpoints and welcome them. I have a friend who calls herself a Jewish Catholic. I don't always agree with her but I love her to death and cherish her friendship! There are times when she says things to me that just really minister to what's going on in my life. She's the best! God made us all very different but for one have relationship with HIM. I am ABSOLUTELY saved through the grace and salvation that Messiah offered thousands of years ago on the crucifixion stake and as such my actions and the actions of all believers should reflect this. Seems as though you were quick to judge a follow homeschooler whom you do not know as I do not know you. Did you judge out of love for me?? Remember, only God can judge me for HE see and knows all! I apologize for not minding my own business. I didn't think I was getting into anyone's business. I didn't realize sharing history and scripture on a public blog that I subscribe to was getting into other peoples business. Sharing scripture and history is edifying to the body of Messiah. Perhaps if you want people to mind their own business you should disable your comments and privatize your blog. My deepest heart felt apologies for offensively sharing scripture and history. May you find it in your heart to forgive me as I have forgiven you.
    Grace and Peace

    1. My Dear Sister in Christ,

      I bear absolutely no malice in my heart towards you or anyone who differs in opinion.
      If I am quite honest, I did not expect a list of links like that from just posting a music video which tries to remind people about the true meaning of Christmas. I think that perhaps if you had left a comment along side your links perhaps sharing that your family did not celebrate Christmas and here are some links as to why, it would have been better. To just receive a list of links like that conveyed a silent message to me. I did feel a little 'judged'.

      The article shared on a mutually visited blog for me was beautifully written. There are so many subjects that we as Christians can get opinionated about {and I include myself in that statement} that actually causes a breakdown in the body. Her advice to be able to disagree but in love is what I said 'hear hear to. I did feel like I had to defend my reason's for celebrating Christmas when I got the list of links with no other message from you. Looking at my first reply I can see that.

      I read a few lovely Christian blogs and I see things there that perhaps I don't agree with, like celebrating halloween for instance, however, I don't feel that I can or should say anything about that simply because I don't actually know that person personally. I have however shared why our family does not mark halloween with a friend who I saw daily, with whom I did a weekly Bible study with, and even then, only when she asked why we were not celebrating. I felt that I could share with her because we walked closely in the Lord together. Initially she did not agree with me and that was fine. A few year later and the Lord has spoken to her personally about it and they no longer mark that event.

      I am sure that you will agree that if someone criticized the fact that you do not celebrate Christmas, especially someone who does not really know you, you would feel taken aback in some way.

      I honestly am sorry if I offended you and I really did not mean to do so. I totally respect what you were trying to share and really do not mind you sharing your view on my blog. I hope that you can see my sincerity in that I have not deleted any of your messages expressing your opinion. Although this is my blog and these messages make me feel uncomfortable, I do want to be honest, real and fair to my readers whom I feel abundantly blessed to have.

      I suppose, like I said before, perhaps sharing in a more conversational way would have been less surprising :o).


  6. Shirley,
    I can see how just leaving links with no comment can come off as being or feeling judgmental. Ironic because when I left the links I felt that leaving any kind of comment would be offensive so I thought posting the links alone would be more of an informational thing without my opinions or comments. Lesson learned. I really need to look and think about both sides of the coin.
    I really appreciate your realness,honesty, and fairness when it comes to your readers and those who comment/post here. I absolutely see your sincerity and appreciate you having open conversation here. Thank you for that!

    1. :o) hugs Jamileh. BTW - I cannot seem to find your blog. Can you leave my your link?

  7. Wow! I just stopped by to listen to/watch the video you posted. It's lovely, and I thank you for sharing it. :) I have a dear Christian friend who rejects the celebration of Advent and Christmas; we simply don't talk about it. Our family, like yours, embraces the celebration of Lord's birth and coming to bring peace on earth, goodwill toward men. Thank you for sharing this song which I've never heard before!

    A most happy Christmas to you and yours!

    Lisa :)


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