Thursday, November 28, 2013

Blink-Of-An-Eye Moments

 Life is full of them ... those 'blink-of-an-eye' moments. It is a brief picture of something lovely that captures my attention. Little moments that bring pleasure and peace to my soul. I have to be living slowly and purposefully - pausing from my busy-ness, taking a moment to gaze out the window perhaps, to 'catch' the silent moments that often pass by unnoticed.

Today I glanced up from washing dishes and caught my cat watching the birds - no doubt she had rather evil intentions (which were never realised!), but the picture she made sitting on the wooden fence, bare branches framing her and the old stone barn next door creating a rather rustic and quaint backdrop was so beautiful. The moment grabbed my attention and touched me somewhere deep within.

These moments happen fairly often - although I do not always have my camera at hand to capture them.

Today I am glad that I captured this moment :o)


  1. I hope no birds were harmed during this photo shoot ;) I love that at that precise moment you saw her and was able to grab the camera in time!! Lovely.


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