Saturday, June 29, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Oh it is lovely to go away, but better to come back home :o)
The Harbour at Charlestown
Cornwall was lovely - although the weather not fantastic. We managed to squeeze in two afternoons on the beach but somehow I had envisioned almost every day lounging in the sun. Hmmmm - this is ENGLAND! I need to remember that in future - LOL.

My highlight was a visit to Port Isaac where the T.V program 'Doc Martin' is filmed. I just loved this little fishing village. It was lovely to recognise all the different spots from the fictional 'Port Wenn'. This is still a working little fishing harbour!

All the roads around Cornwall looked like this....

Pretty hair-raising at times when the locals come tearing around corners!

Beach days...

and some dramatic coastal ways!

There are loads of caves along the Cornish coast - perfect for all those smugglers of old ;o)


  1. Beautiful-it has been years since I've been to Cornwall. This makes me think that we should go back sometime.

  2. It is beautiful Sarah. I couldn't help thinking how much more splendid it would look in full sunshine! We will have to go back I think ;o)

  3. I saw one episode of Doc Martin and thought the scenery was gorgeous! Lucky you that you saw it in person. I love your new side photo and you have a beautiful family :)

  4. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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