Saturday, January 19, 2013

What a Snowy Week!

Well the promised snow arrived in full force on Friday. Most of England is now covered in a blanket of white and there has been a fair bit of mayhem about the country. Wales has experienced the most disruption with power outages and many people having to stay at home due to the snow on the roads. Although all the main routes have been well ploughed and gritted, the myriad of small country lanes which cris-cross England have become treacherous. For us personally in the East Midlands, our snowfall has been meant lots of fun and frosty fingers. We've had about a 10cm snowfall, our worst 'inconvenience' has been that we couldn't get our car up the drive and ended up having to park in the street and Miss V-L's horse riding lesson being cancelled this morning.
Our Wintry Road
Yesterday we took a walk in the snowfall. It was beautiful. The girls were able to sledge all the way to the park much to their delight

With the freezing temperatures we have had all week, it has not risen above 1 degree C, the lake has once again frozen over. The snow gathered on top of the ice. I was pleased to see that the park rangers had made arrangements for the ducks, geese and swans by keeping one end of the lake ice free.

This morning - after yet more snow during the night - we noticed lots of little animal tracks in the snow. Our fox has been visiting yet again, little birds have found the little seed caches that I have left in various places in the garden, and it looks like some little mice have come out of the hedge to scrounge for food.
The Front Garden
Today we plan on clearing the drive and generally just hunkering down, although I'm sure that the girls are going to insist on us all making another snowman :o)

Happy week-ending everyone...

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  1. Wonderful blog my friend! I love the way you make me feel part of your experience, looking for little tracks in the snow ; )) Sounds like a lot of fun, an exhilarating experience! Lovely photos and such a beautiful view from your home. Enjoy your day.


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