Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yarn Along - Summer Notebook

Joining Ginny

I have finally finished my Oaklet Shawl. It really is very pretty and love these colors but I was disappointed with the size. This shawl was meant to be for my sister in South Africa, but I just do not think that it is going to be of much use to her - it's like a little handkerchief!

However .... this project has not been a complete failure. It is the *perfect* size for little 12 year old girls! My daughter was DE-light-ed to be the recipient and new owner of this little shawl - especially when we all saw how beautifully it 'fitted' her while she modeled for the camera.

Of course, this means that I will just *have* to buy more yarn to knit *another* shawl (different pattern of course) for my sisters. Isn't just awful when you have to go yarn shopping? -LOL

Currently I am busy with another pair of socks which I consider a bit of a 'filler' project while I choose yarn for the next shawl.

Reading wise - I am browsing through the pages of my favorite nature inspiration book, 'Keeping A Nature Journal by Clair Walker Lesley. I find keeping my own nature journal to be very relaxing - I just love it! I often refer to this book as a source of inspiration or simply page though it for the pure enjoyment I get from it's pages!

That about wraps up this weeks Yarn Along for me. Have a great week...


  1. That's a very pretty shawl, and I'm sure your daughter just loves it. Too bad you have to shop for more yarn. HA!

  2. it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Gorgeous colorway :)

  3. I am so glad to be finding more people who love Rosamunde Pilcher! I can't wait to read all her books.

  4. Hee hee ....... LOVE the shawl !! I MUST have one :) A bigger version of course :) ....


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