Monday, June 25, 2012

Conversations in the Garden...

I have just popped a joint of lamb in the oven to roast for dinner tonight and would love it if you would join me on a little walk through my garden...

Of course, seeing as though we are in England, you just have to bring along a cup of tea!

Summer in England is just beautiful. Summer does not always mean clear blue skies here - although we do get that on occasion. This afternoon it is wonderfully temperate, perfect to see whats happening in the garden and perhaps sit a while enjoying the birdsong and the gentle buzz of the bumblebee...

This week-end we took a drive through the Peak District. Foxgloves lined the roads, flourishing in the wild, growing, thriving and putting a beautiful quintessential display that just screams 'England'. In South Africa I found it difficult to grow this traditional English cottage garden flower, but here it is everywhere! How beautiful and inviting they are to insects and humans alike. My garden has a few of these little gems scattered about, and they bring me such joy!

My pots are thriving, adding to the 'cottage garden' look that I have loved since childhood...

Aah, the joy's of summer! Let's sit awhile and enjoy the birds song.

Can you hear them? The air is filled with the sound of so many birds. Why just this morning a couple of Magpie's brought along their baby for it's first visit to the bird feeder. Of course it was a little confused as to what it was supposed to be doing as he kept opening his beak, waiting for mom or dad to pop something yummy inside.

Look who's just arrived! A Blackbird.

 I have to say that these little birds are fast becoming a firm favourite. After watching them over the months I have come to realise that they have SUCH personality. They hop around with such purpose, listening closely, their heads cocked to one side. Then suddenly a mad dash, thrusting a little beak into the earth and suitable rewarded for it's efforts with a fat juicy worm! The female is not black at all! No, she is more demure - a respectable mottled brown colour. She is also a little more contained in her posture and action ;o)

*sigh*, it's time to leave this little 'peaceful pocket' in my day. Duty beckons. There is a dinner to get finished, a family to nurture. But how lovely that my garden is always ready to embrace me and offer a little tranquillity - a little rejuvenating therapy to help me on my way ;o) Thanks for coming along - till next time...


  1. Beautiful garden, thanks for sharing it! Love the mug :)

  2. I love your pretty garden!
    Looks really like summer with all those beautiful flowers.

  3. I always enjoy "visiting" you, Shirley Ann. Your photos are always so peaceful..and beautiful. Thanks for a glimpse into your world. :)
    Grace to you!

  4. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could really share a cup of tea in your garden.


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