Friday, March 02, 2012

OHC - Early Blooming Flower

It seems as though I jumped the gun a bit in our nature challenges ;o). Last week we decided to do a little nature study on the Crocus, seeing as though our garden - in fact most of England's sidewalks and byways - are a riot of Crocus colour.

When I opened up Barb's March newsletter, I see that one of this months challenges was an 'Early Blooming Flower'. How lucky! I had not had time to write up a post and thus record our nature learning this week, so thought that now was a good a time as any to update the 'records'.

First I had a look at what the 'Handbook of Nature Study' had to say on the Crocus. Then we went outside to each dig up our own Crocus to observe and investigate. Outside it was cool and overcast, all the flower-heads were tightly wrapped up.

while we were having a close look at all the parts of the Crocus and discussing what we saw etc... J-L decided to see what would happen if she warmed up the flower by breathing on it. And what do you know! the flower began to open! So we found out that the Crocus, although a hardy early spring plant, really does enjoy the suns warmth and brightness as much as we do! Later in the afternoon, the sun broke through the cloud and we watched as all the tightly closed flowers began to open and welcome the sun. Beautiful! I am so very pleased that we took the time to truly observe this little plant. It reminded me that our children, like the Crocus, open and blossom to the warmth of love and encouragement.

Here are the girls Nature entries for this OHC...
V-L's entry

J-L's entry


  1. Lovely nature study.

    I know you nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. Well, I had to include you on my list of top 15 blogs. No need to reciprocate.

    God bless,

  2. Oh how lovely. I must get some crocuses in the yard, I'm always so jealous of everyone this time of year because I have no flowers yet.

  3. I saw my first blooming crocus this week and it made me smile...such a pretty flower. I love your journals...very well done!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your link with the OHC.

  4. I really like the notebook entries, and your crocuses are just lovely!

  5. I love crocuses they are so beautiful.


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