Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Exciting Announcement!

Hands on Homeschooling Arrives in the UK!

I am so excited to be able to share this with all home educators here in the UK! In case you have not already guessed, I am passionate about teaching my own at home, about making learning fun and relevant - about everything regarding home education really.

Having been home educating my children for going on six years now, it with great fondness that I recall our early days. Teaching little ones is fun! Not only is it fun, but there is a certain freedom which comes with teaching small children. There is no worries over GCSE's, no worries about whether you are in line with national curriculum/peers etc. You can simply lead your little ones along the paths of enchanted learning, follow delightful rabbit trails, teach by observing the seasons, or working along themes -wonderful! It seems to me a natural progression from toddler days as you teach your babies to feed themselves, walk and explore this wonderful world.
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A few years ago, a dear friend became the distributor in South Africa for a pre-school curriculum (ages 2 - 5) -Hands on Homeschooling- written by an amazing mom in the United States. As I paged through one of the years, I wished that I had known about it when my girls were small. It was as if my teaching dreams and ideals had all jumped right out of my head and neatly arranged themselves on the white pages on which my eyes feasted!

It must have made a significant impact on me at the time, for a little thought started to grow in my head last year. 'I wonder if anyone in the UK knows about this wonderful resource?' Well, it turns out that moms do know about it and import it from the U.S at considerable shipping expense. I contacted my dear friend, who put me in touch with the author of Hands on Homeschooling Curriculum. It must have been providential, because she was hoping for a UK distributor as enquires from our beautiful land have been on the rise!

Anyhoo, to cut a looooong story short, Terri has entrusted the distribution of this wonderful resource for all UK homeschoolers to me. After much legwork, we are just about ready to begin distribution. All sorts of busyness is happening this week and Hands on Homeschooling will be ready to pop into the post from next week.

So if you have small children and have been looking for a wonderful hands on Christian curriculum - full of fab ideas, please do pop over to the parent site where Terri, the author, gives an in-depth overview of each year of the curriculum.

If you look at the 'tabs' at the top of my blog, you will see a HOH tab. On that page is a price list for the various Hands on Homeschooling years. My contact details for placing orders as well as shipping information are also on this page. I also have an exciting introductory offer for those ordering before the 7th March 2012 so pop on over to the HOH tab and find out what it is.

So - exciting stuff! Here's to new beginnings!
Blessings in Christ


  1. Well done, you :) Hope this goes really well :)

  2. I used it for my two when they were little. It was wonderful.

  3. great Shirley, glad it is all happening!

  4. Good morning Shirley Anne

    Thank you so much for visiting recently..I appreciate the award . This sounds all so wonderful. Homeschooling our children. Wow it has to have been the best choice we have ever made for our family. You being able to help others through this must excite you. Inspired for sure.

    I believe your Winter is very cold..This past week we have had rain through out the day. I can see a few signs of Autumn arriving. I harvested over 80 pumpkins this past week. Always my first sign to the new Season.

    Shirley have a wonderful day
    Lots of love


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