Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yarn Along - 26 October

Joining Ginny today over at Small Things.
They certainly are bright! Perfect for chasing the winter blues away ;o)
I am well on the way in my goal of knitting up a 'basket of mittens' for winter. I started off using some left over yarn to knit up some fingerless mittens - which are always useful in winter while we do our school work. Unfortunatly, I ended up having to buy another ball of yarn when I ran out of the green half-way through the second mitt. Grrrrrrr!!! Kind of defeated the point of trying to be thrifty ;o)

Not too much progress has been made on the secret Christmas socks. I little more on 'cuff', thats all. Trying to knit in secret limits the progress of the project, but there is still plenty of time if I buckle down and set my mind to it. I have just taken this book out of the library - 'All's Fair in Love and Law' by Alan Hammond. I've not started it yet so will be sure to let you know if it is worth the read.

Until next week - have a happy knitty time ;o)


  1. Mittens are coming along nicely - yes they are bright - won't get lost in the snow! Sorry for running out of yarn - that's never fun. I've got to get a move on with mittens and a few more hats but have so many other projects that need to be finished up first.

  2. Good luck knitting in secret! My kids are away at school so that takes care of them. Once I knit socks for my husband right in front of him! He never asked who they were for ;)

  3. Lovely mitts - what great fun colours.

  4. I've been on a mitten kick trying to deplete my yarn stash! Snow has already arrived here in Colorado, twice now. Both times we got more than eight inches so it is always nice to fill the mitten draw with mittens, and the hat drawer with more hats........

    BTW...I didn't know they had homeschooling in England. I schooled both of my daughters all the way through and enjoyed it thoroughly!

  5. I knit a hat for my Dad this past Christmas while sitting and watching a movie with him. He's just so used to seeing the women-folk in his family knitting he doesn't ask anymore. :)

  6. Hmmmm, I could totally knit a gift purposed for my hubby without him asking any questions as he is also accustomed to seeing me with needles in hand. BUT, I have very quizzy daughters who ask EVERY time I cast-on what I am up to in the hopes that it is something for them - which of course it usually is ;o)

    Rebecca - I can't believe that you have had snow already! Wow! There is indeed homeschooling in England. We love it too and plan to see it all the way through to the end of formal schooling years ;o)

  7. A basket of mittens sounds like such a nice idea. I have a basket of slippers inspired by my Grandmother who always had enough to go around.


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