Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I Have A Dirty Little Secret...

Yip. Stained and unsightly tea cloths! I'm sure you  have them too. In our home we use them for just about everything. So guess it's no surprise that we need to have a large supply and that they need to be replaced every 6 or 7 months. Once the tea cloths begin to look filthy even though they have just come out of the washing machine, it's time for them bit our home farewell ;o)

Not being able to ignore the stains any longer and make excuses for said well-used tea towels, I decided to tackle the problem by making a few of my own this afternoon. Some calico and pretty seasonal trim fabric, and perhaps some embroidery thread is all you need. I bought some lovely autumnal fabric a couple of months back and have been itching to find an excuse to use it.

I have grown quite fond of the little mouse carrying his acorn which adorns our autumn notice board, so I decided to stitch him onto one of the tea towels so that he can stick around a little longer. He really is so cute and brings such cheer that I think he will be a perfect addition to my kitchen during the cold winter months.

I'm quite pleased with the way they turned out. They were quick, easy and economical to make, (they would make a great Christmas or birthday gift don't you think?)  I dont' think I can go back to 'store bought' now. Homemade is just so much better. I am able to reflect the season and make the house a home with these little touches.  I have two more cut out and ready to be adorned with lovely stitching and fabrics. I'll be sure to show you once they are done ;o)

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  1. I am not very crafty but this looks like something even I can do...hmmm :)


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