Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Country Stroll and a Pipe Dream is Born

Monday was our last bank holiday of the year. With everyone getting a wee bit touchy from being indoors too long, we decided to take a country stroll along one of the many canals that criss-cross Britain and get a bit 'o fresh air.

The day promised scattered showers, so we pulled on our gum boots (well I did - everyone else forgot theirs at home) and grabbed our brollies and off we went.

We were in for a treat as the cows were o their way home, we loved watching them as they watched us - the little calf's curious about these strange things on two legs trying to entice them with bits of green grass (of which there is an abundance on their side of the fence -lol)

As we walked along the canal, a pipe dream was born! I am in love!!!

Imagine owning one of these! There are people who live on narrowboats. While our lifestyle does not allow this, I could so own one of these as a holiday home! Imagine leaving the world behind each week-end and slowly chugging along in luxury to a new destination. My husband and I are hooked. We are seriously considering buying one of these little beauties - I have dived into my research and investigating and have so far found out that they are really affordable and oh-so-nice inside! Narrowboats are an intrical part of England's industrial age history. I am already planning folk art projects to decorate our narrowboat -LOL. So as we strolled, we dreamed - don't you just love those kind of shared chats with your DH? *Sigh*

Anyhoo, moving on from dreams, as we walked along the canal, we happened upon a loch.

There was much excitement as we watched a beautiful narrowboat approach and navigate it's way through the gate. We are off to Scotland next week for our own boating holiday, so we have been trying to describe to the girls what a loch is and how it all works. What a treat to see it all in action right in our own back yard ;o)

Funny thing was, the people on the boat were South Africans originally from Cape Town now living in London - :o) small world!

As I look at these pictures again, I have the familiar feeling of love for our new country welling up in my heart. I really love this country!!! *sigh* - again!

After our chilly walk, we popped into a sweet little pub for a cup of coffee to warm our insides - what a perfect way to end such a lovely afternoon.

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