Thursday, April 27, 2023

Under An English Sky Yarns is off to the Buxton Wool Gathering

 It's too exciting! I have my very first yarn show! I had put my name down on the waiting list for the Buxton Wool Gathering that was supposed to have taken place in March but due to some very snowy weather they had postpone it.

I really did not think that I would get a spot at all because I've never done a show before and they already had most of their vendors set.

But as it turns out, some vendors could not make the new dates and with just 4 weeks notice I was informed that I had a spot!

Whilst this is super exciting for me it has also come with its fair share of stress. I am also in the final 4 weeks of my law degree and so there are final exams which require a lot of my attention. 

In addition, I thought I would have oodles of spare time because I had resigned from my job and was all set to be home full time from Easter. But...I was asked to stay, offered a promotion to paralegal and a move to the litigation team. I couldn't say no!

So there we have it, paralegal part-time, yarn dyer part-time and law student all the time!

It has been a bit overwhelming and I will admit to haveing a little cry on my husband's shoulder. But he was marvelous! He has stepped up and while I have been dyeing more than a hundred skeins of yarn for the show he has washed and hung up every single one! I would not have been able to do this show without him! 

Show preperations have included dyeing loads of yarn obviously, but also thinking about things like packaging, putting card payment facilities in place, and investing in display stands and banners for my stall...

As everything starts to come together I have to say that I am so looking forward to meeting fellow yarny folk and chatting about yarn for two whole days in a beautiful location. Its going be like a mini holiday from my legal studies and I'm going to enjoy every minute.

Its also the coronation weekend! The show organisers are trying to arrange a television screen so we can watch the coronation on Saturday while we all set up. There will be non-alcoholic fizz and nibbles for all the vendors so I think its going to be very festive indeed!

If you happen to be in Buxton or the peaks over that weekend then please do drop in and say hi. It will be lovely to meet you in person. 

I'm planning a bit of a giveaway to celebrate the coronation and my first yarn show. I'm not entirley sure what will be included but I will announce the giveaway on my Instagram account so if you are on IG please follow me @underan_englishsky 

Right lovelies, I need to get back to show prep. I hope you are all having a fantastic week wherever you are and whatever you are doing may it bring you tonnes of joy! Until next time...

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