Friday, August 02, 2019

Post Homeschooling Update

Gosh! It has been a while hasn't it? July has been a busy and exciting month but things seem to be getting back under control and I thought I'd love to pop in here for a little catch up and natter.

*Just a little warning...this is a photo heavy post with lots of lovely snippets of Tuscany*

July brought results! SAT exam results for Miss Jess and my own degree results. I got a distinction with an overall score of 85% which I was very pleased with.

Miss Jess got her SAT Subject scores back and as we thought, they did not meet the universities criteria. She had walked out of the World History exam saying that they had focused at least 80% of the questions of Islam. It was disappointing.

However, we submitted her scores to the university. We have always said that the direction our homeschooling took would be directed by God and that godly character and their salvation came before all things.

Years ago I felt strongly that the Lord required obedience from us and that if we were faithful to Him he would direct our children's post-homeschooling lives.

So we submitted and waited. We didn't have to wait very long. The next day we got a reply. They were happy to still accept her on the course but she would need to do a foundation year.

Okay, we thought, that's not the worst thing in the world, it would just mean an extra year at uni.

The following day we set off on a long planned holiday to Tuscany, Italy. We landed and I checked out my email. Another email from the university...

They had re-looked at everything we had submitted to the university, her homeschooling transcript and all the test scores over the past 4 years, her interview with the head of department, her General SAT score as well as those tricky SAT Subject scores and had, on reflection, decided to offer her her place directly onto the course. No foundation year.

How amazing is that?!

Montecatini Alto
The whole way along we had been praying that the Lord would either open or close the door to university. We knew that if the door was closed then it absolutely was not His will for her and we would re-look at what direction He wanted her to take.

But this whole thing seems so outlandish that we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she is meant to be on this particular course at this particular university at this particular time. The odds have pretty much been stacked against her. She has a foreign qualification that they id not fully understand. I had to pretty much educate them on the US system and qualifications. She met part of the SAT criteria they set but not all and still a way is made for her.

As a homeschooling mum, it is good to know that all the faithful years of turning our ear to the Lords will has proved to be the right thing. Of course you always hope and trust while you are walking the path that things will work out but there is that small little fear that sits in the back of your mind that perhaps it wont be.

I've heard many amazing provision stories from homeschooling families and now I feel that there is one more to add...our story.

Views from the rooftop pool of our hotel over Montecatini
So our precious two both start at their respective universities in September. We are so very happy for them. And best of all, I'm especially happy for my husband and I because both have chosen universities close to home which means they will be living at home whilst attending uni!

That makes us very happy. They are happy about it too as they have since made good friends with other students who live in res and struggle financially and emotionally. Both have said they are grateful to be able to still live at home. What a blessing!

Now, a brief mention about our holiday in Tuscany. Sitting in bed one Saturday morning we noticed a 'Bocelli Experience' in Tuscany advertised on Secret Escapes. Now that happens to be a combination of my husbands two favourite things so we booked it.

It did not disappoint! Tuscany was everything we thought it would be. Its filled with culture, history, the most beautiful architecture and sweeping landscapes. It is definitely one to put on your European bucket list!

The only thing was that it was so very very hot! I've clearly lived in the UK long enough to become accustomed to our lovely temperate climate and have long left my tolerance of hot steamy days behind me. I think in future we will do shoulder season holidays - less people and bearable temperatures! Although having said that we are off skiing in January in France with some friends...nothing temperate about that is there?

Isn't this just the most spectacular venue to watch Bocelli?

On the home front, work is still going well and I am enjoying it. Ideally I would like 3 days a week but I knew I had to take what I could get so as to gain experience. It's all part of the plan, I will definitely be cutting down my hours this time next year. My heart is and always has been that of a home maker so a bit of that sort of time is essential in the long run.

Added Bonus - While visiting Luca we were treated to Sting doing a sound check!

I have much more to chat about but really...I think this post may have gone on long enough. I shall be back for a chat and a cuppa very soon.


  1. Isn't it wonderful when we can really see God's hand in a situation?!! I am so pleased for you all and well done to you for gaining a distinction :-) I am hoping that you will share a break down of the home school transcripts as I'm curious as to how it all works regarding the latter end of high school home school, thanks San xx

    1. Hi Sandra Ann, I will definitely do a post on the transcripts. In fact I may do a few posts on doing the American SAT in the UK!

    2. Thanks, that would be great! x

  2. I am so happy that everything worked out for your daughter, Miss Jess. God is so good! Also, congratulations to you Shirley Ann on your degree results.
    Blessings ~

    1. Thank you Candis :) and you are so right, God is so SO good!

  3. Congratulations on both your results and that of your daughter. I am thrilled that she has been accepted onto the course. Looks like a wonderful break away, such a beautiful place to visit.

    1. Thank you so much :) - it really was a lovely break, Tuscany is stunning. I'm glad we got to see it.

  4. congrats on the scores (PHew!) and your trip looks lovely. I would not like those hot temperatures at all though :)

  5. Hello Darling Girl. I've been searching for a way to visit to comment. What a lovely post that was, dearest. I love the old, old buildings in Italy. And all your homemaking skills. Happy. Your followers, whose comments I've read, are delightful. Lots of love from GranX.


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