Monday, July 08, 2024

July Home and Homeschool Links

Rabbit Rabbit! According to this old English and North American folklore saying, if these are the first words out of your mouth on the 1st of the month the rabbits will run away with your problems and you will have a month of good luck.

I always find folklore, culture and tradition interesting and I wonder what the origins of these things are.

In keeping with the topic, since March I have been watching a family of hares that have taken up residence in the hedgerows along the fields near our home. They can often be found in the early morning on our front lawn or in the horse's field in the late afternoon.

They are rather big, as big as my cats for sure and have huge eyes, ears and hind legs - all essential to avoid predators!

Now, a month or two ago I was browsing through past blog posts and thought that it would be rather nice to do a little round-up on the first of each month of past blog posts for that month that I have written over the years. 

So, Kicking off my peek-back-in-time of July posts I want to share my July Seasonal Themes and Planning post.

These are plans that I put together years ago, one for each month of the year. It's a list of seasonal observances, celebrations and ideas to do and enjoy together as a family to celebrate the year. Each year I print off my plans, update, add to and change a few things to keep them fresh, and voila! We have a list of fun things to do and observe for the month.

Summer Pinterest Board

Check out my 'Summer' Pinterest board that's packed with fun things to do and try over the summer. Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest, I'm an avid pinner and am always adding to my boards. 

July Nature Study

Nature Study had to be one of the highlights of our homeschool week. Every Friday we would have our morning basket time, do a bit of Maths and English, then spend a good few hours on nature study. We would read a living nature-related book, take a walk outdoors for at least an hour, then return home for lunch and nature journaling time. Here are some of my top July nature study posts:

OHC - Grid Study
OHC - Cuckoo Spit, Froghoppers and Other Things
OHC - The Great British Weather
Bee Nature Study

The Patriotic Homeschool

I have been a contributing author for The Curriculum Choice website for years. It's a great resource filled with reviews on curriculum and great posts that are helpful and encouraging. Do bookmark it as a resource.

Last year I hosted an authors post where we focused on The Patriotic Homeschool. This post is filled with some great ideas and good reads around this topic so please do pop on over if you are looking for some fun patriotic ideas. July is, after all, the perfect month to explore this theme in the U.S

So my lovelies, I hope that this post inspires fun and learning in your own July. I'm going to be re-looking at those plans, adjusting them to fit in with our now grown children and busy working lives. There is always an opportunity to mark and enjoy the season, no matter what season of life you are in. It's part of those simple things that make life and living beautiful.

Blessings to you all this week.


  1. Thanks for the sharing the links :-). I wish I had said, "rabbits, rabbits" this morning as by 7:30 am we were dealing with a small flood in the upstairs bathroom! What a start to the week 😂

  2. What a joy to be watching a family of hares. We have rabbits and deer to look at and of course we are surrounded by sheep so never a dull moment.


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