Monday, February 26, 2018

Weekending Moments

Just popping in to share a few things that caught my eye this weekend.

Watched ships and yachts sailing on the ocean. 

There is something quite peaceful about being in the cosy warmth of your home, sheltered from the blowing winds and biting cold, watching life sail on by.

Watching the birds from my kitchen window as I wash up the dishes is honestly one of life's small pleasures that I delight in. The dishes took a little longer this weekend as I paused to watch the birds and take a few pictures. I loved watching this little robin eye out the blue tit when it dared to join him on the feeding tray.

I adore watching the blackbirds. They are so full of character and I love hearing their shrill chatter as they fly across the garden.

And the magpies... you either love or hate them. I love them, again, so much cheeky character.

Finally, I really like my new wash up soap dispenser (right). On the suggestion of bloggy friend Karen from Pumpkin Sunrise, I picked up a really pretty soap decanter from The Range and put my dishwashing liquid into it. Thanks Karen, I love this idea, I love how pretty it looks. I also found the huuuuuuge bottle of Garrison Home Verbena liquid hand soap from TK Max for a song. It is a little overkill I suppose but I love that bottle even if it is humongous.

Wishing you all a very blessed start to your week.


  1. What a joy to stand at the window watching the birds I spend many a happy hour.

  2. you have bright blue skies!! and so do we :) I'm almost ready to head out for a walk with Frodo and take in the fresh air. I know spring is far away but it feels so close.


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