Saturday, December 23, 2017

Wishing My Readers a Merry Christmas!

Lovelies! I know I haven't been here much this month but its been Cra-zee! I'm sure you have found the same. I wanted to just check in and wish you all a very blessed Christmas and have a little catch-up.
Our trees went up early (for us) this year on Saturday the 9th because we hosted a festive Christmas party on the 10th. I usually wait until around the 15th but have to say that this month has whizzed by - I can't believe its Christmas-Eve Eve!

We set up a real tree in the conservatory, all decked out in rose golds, golds and crystals. It's very pretty and rather modern. One daughter loves it the other not so much. Fortunately, the other tree pictured in the first photograph on the right is very traditionally decked out in golds and reds. So both tastes catered for.

I happen to like them both :)

Below you will see even our bedroom got a little touch of Christmas cheer. I love the grey and reds. It makes for a cosy space.

This year, we hosted a Christmas party for friends and family. We had such a lovely time. I wanted to show you the food because it was SUCH fun putting it all together.

I was totally inspired by Pinterest. Isn't it great that even the most ordinary of us can set a pretty party table thanks to the great ideas of those creative domestic goddesses and Pinterest 😂

Just by shaping ordinary food into Christmas trees and adding a few sprigs of rosemary makes all the difference.

You can check out these and other ideas on my foodie Pinterest board.

Now lovelies, where ever you are, I want to send you and your family the very warmest of Christmas good wishes from me and mine. May your time with your families and friends be blessed and peaceful. Keep safe and warm and I shall see you back here in the new year. Thank you for sticking with me here at Under An English Sky, I really appreciate every one of you and have made some truly lovely friends through this blog. 

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" 
~ From the poem A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore


  1. The cheese was inspirational, simple but effective. Beautiful tree. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

  2. Wishing you a merry, and blessed Christmas for you and your family, Shirley-Ann! I love your blog!
    Blessings ~ Candis

  3. And we appreciate you!

    Happy Christmas, and may your 2018 be a wonderful year in every way! :)

  4. Wishing you and your family a blessed 2018.
    I would especially like to thank you for inspiring me to keep up my nature journal this last year. It has become a real pleasure and given me a sense of achievement beyond anything I could have expected.

    1. Gill I'm so glad that you have found such joy in your nature journal! A whole year of lovely entries to enjoy for many years to come. I hope that you keep it up in 2018!


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