Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Planning To Implement Nature Study?

It is my habit to check my social media accounts before we start lessons. This morning as I was quickly scrolling through my Facebook feed I noticed that my friend, Lynn, is offering a 20% discount on her amazing 'Exploring Nature With Children' curriculum.

Now this is truly a FANTASTIC curriculum so I immediately contacted Lynn and asked her if I could review our own experiences with her curriculum on my blog for you today. Naturally she was delighted, as am I, because this is one of those treasures that a homeschooling mama should have if she is wanting to do nature study with her children.

It seems to be one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to Nature Study, "I want to implement nature study into our school day but how? I don't know much about nature."

Well if you can relate to that question then I would say that 'Exploring Nature With Children' is a very good place to start.

This curriculum is divided by month. Each month has four different topics to explore. What makes this curriculum a bit different to what I have known and used before is that Lynn includes a few liturgical and seasonal celebrations too, here's a few examples:

Week 1 ~ Christmas Plants
Week 2 ~ Birds
Week 3 ~ The Winter Solstice
Week 4 ~ The 12 Days of Christmas

Week 1 ~ Candlemas
Week 2 ~ Earthworms
Week 3 ~ Evergreens
Week 4 ~ A Field Trip

Doesn't that look great?! I have to say that this aspect of the curriculum really appeals to me as I love to weave nature, liturgical and seasonal celebrations in our daily living, so to have a nature curriculum that has it all sorted already is wonderful.

You can check out a 6 page sample of her curriculum HERE, you will get an idea for what areas you will be covering for the full year as well as get a feel for how a lesson is structured.

Art and poetry have also been woven into each week so if you are new to the Charlotte Mason way of homeschooling this curriculum will really help you get to grips with both of these important parts of Miss Masons educational method.

And if that wasn't enough, Lynn has included extension activities to extend the children's nature studies. These include ideas for crafts, science, and writing. You will even find a bit of music appreciation tucked inside - another element of a Charlotte Mason education.

So if you are keen on taking Lynn up on her 20% discounted offer, which is valid from now until November 29th 2016, hop on over HERE and use the code: EXPLORE16 to redeem your 20% discount. You may also want to check out Lynn's blog, 'Raising Little Shoots' for plenty of nature study inspiration.

Blessings to you all today and especially to my American readers. I have been thinking about you all today and praying for your nation. 

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  1. Hmmm.. I don't have small children anymore (I adore my big ones, but still...sigh), but I think I would enjoy this for myself. Thank you for the code!


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