Friday, November 18, 2016

Last of the Autumn Colour...

Good Friday Morning! It's a nippy one here in Devon today.This morning at around 9am it suddenly darkened - allot - the temperature dipped and a light icy rain began to fall. Below is the view from my stairwell - how dark is that sky!?


But then just as quickly it blew over and we are back to sunny skies. Such is the nature of November.

I'm loving the last of the autumn, most of the leaves have fallen but there are still a few that are holding on to their leaves for dear life. From my kitchen window I am still enjoying the display from a silver birch a few gardens over...

and in the back garden the Beech tree's leaves are falling to the ground at quite a rate, revealing my stretching country
side views that have been hidden by the foliage all summer.

Outside my bedroom window we have an Ornamental Cherry tree. I really love this tree, it is late to turn colour in the autumn, stretching that autumn colour into late November. In the spring it is awash with cherry blossom, this has to be one of my most favourite trees!

On our woodland walks we have enjoyed colour every step of the way.

This truly has been a colourful autumn and I'm sad to see it slipping by so quickly. But there are other things to look forward to, Christmas will be here before you know it and all the festivities that accompany that. Wow! just thinking about all that makes me want to just slow things down! 

Well my lovelies, I'm going to love and leave you for today. My husband is on leave this week and next and today we are taking our girls to watch 'Strange Beasts and Where to Find Them'. Have a lovely Friday and I'll be back soon with some yarny news.


  1. Hope you manage to enjoy some quality time with your husband and daughters.

  2. Hello Shirley, I have been out of blogland for a long time. It's nice to read your post and enjoy the pics of your beautiful surroundings. Have a lovely weekend. xx Cath


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