Monday, October 03, 2016

Autumn Home Tour

Last of the Sunflowers...
It's done! My home is finally decorated for autumn. I had every intention of getting it done earlier but life it seems has had other plans for me. My eldest daughter switched courses and colleges! So that took a bit of sorting. I'm pleased to say that she is much happier on her Art and Design course and in her new college, which is all completely dedicated to art in it's various forms. Media studies were just not her thing whereas paints, brushes and charcoal etc are :)

This is her second week at art college and I have a MUCH happier young lady. She is so inspired right now that there is hardly a moment when she does not have a brush in her hand. With a shared love for autumn and decorating for the season, she painted this beautiful autumn wreath for me to frame and display...

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have already seen a few snaps of my autumn home, if not - well then, lets go on a little home tour.

As you come through the front door, you instantly know that autumn holds a special place in this home. The hall mirror has a garland of leaves draped over it's frame, a pumpkin cross-stitch sampler hangs on the wall...

...the door leading off the hall and into the kitchen has a wonderful autumnal wreath hanging on it.

 And if you peek past the wreath you will catch a glimpse of autumn bunting hanging across the kitchen's french doors.

Moving into the dining-room a few touches have been added to the welsh dresser.

Do you remember seeing this cute little acorn garland I knitted? I made it about two years ago and I just love it. It's so sweet.

On the bottom shelf is a wooden trough with some pine-cones collected on a walk, some knitted apples I made a few years back and a mosaic apple that one of my daughters made. On the second shelf I have a little collection of knitted and sewn pumpkins, some knitted by me, and two of the pumpkins gifted to me by special friends.

There are candles of course - always lots of candles in our home over autumn and winter - and a sewn chicken and corn.

Moving into the living room, I have updated my coffee table tray with a tealight jar decorated with leafless trees, the last of the sunflowers from the garden, and an autumnal cross-stitched cushion.

This years fall mantle is so pretty, I really like how it turned out.

The overall affect is warm and cozy, just how it should be when temperatures are beginning to dip. 

On the hearth is a large mason jar which I filled a third of the way with corn. I popped in a pillar candle and then put a few cones around the candle to create a bit of colour and texture. I've propped one of my newest cross-stitch cushions against it. 

On the opposite side of the hearth is a ball vase filled with pinecones.

Moving up...

I've strung my autumn flower fairy bunting up and placed a garland of leaves along the top.

Glass ice-cream bowls have been topped up with corn and large tealights pushed down into the corn. I have three autumnal handwork pieces here, my autumn cottage tapestry and two cross-stitch cushions which I'm sure you have seen in my autumn decor before.

More candles at each end of the mantle create a really cozy effect on a dark evening and my Gingerbread Yankee Candle (my choice for this autumns 'signature' fragrance) fills the home with warm spicy aromatic aromas.

So there we have it, I hope you have enjoyed a little peek at my autumn home. Now I'm going to scamper off and get a bit of planning done with regards to our nature study - which seems to have fallen by the way side these last 3 {hectic} weeks ;)

Wishing you lots of warmth and autumnal blessings....


  1. Your Autumn décor looks wonderful, the bunting is stunning. Glad your daughter has settled well into her new course and is do much happier.

  2. Looks lovely Shirley. Glad your daughter is settled in college now(love her painting) - we have started going to college open days with Ben this week - how time flies! Miss doing nature study with you -we have started the Exploring nature study with children curriculum with some friends this year x

    1. I really miss doing nature study together too Jan - we really had some lovely times. Lynn's 'Exploring Nature Study with Children' is lovely. She's done such a great job. She's a really lovely, kind and generous person too ;) All the best in your college search.

  3. I am in love wit your autumn decor Shirley! And the painting your daughter made is just delightful! Thanks for the inspiration! Enjoy this warm and cozy season! :)

  4. So beautiful, Shirley! You have inspired to (finally!!) get started on my fall decorating. :)

  5. Your mantle is so pretty!

  6. so beautiful and cozy and oh so autumn-y!


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