Monday, August 08, 2016

Summers Bounty - Harvested and Preserved

Summer. Although it's not my favourite season (I tend to come alive with the onset of autumn) I have to say there is a lot offered up during this time of year to love.

Sweet Peas are one of those things. I have tried growing sweet peas for years with no luck - but this year I may have cracked it...

I have no idea what I have done differently mind you - but this is the third bunch of sweet peas so far and there are loads more to come. 

Hydrangeas are another of summers joys. I have two HUGE Hydrangea shrubs in my garden. One offers up pale blue flower heads and the other more pinky ones. Did you know that the colour of the hydrangea flower is dictated by the soil type it's in? 

My Hydrangeas are so prolific at the moment that we have bunches all over the house - just about in every room. My summer mantle boasts a beautiful big bunch...

I've heard that the flower heads can be preserved really nicely. I think I might try my hand at that this year. :)

Another of summers gifts ...

Apples and cucumbers are coming off the tree and vine right now. These are cooking apples so I think these particular ones are going to become an apple pie for the freezer. I found some apples on special the other day and bought a whole lot. They've become apple sauce which is stored in the freezer too. So far I've made apple sauce muffins and apple sauce and maple syrup pancakes. Can you ever have too much apple sauce on hand I wonder? :)

Red onions are always fairly cheap and one of our favourite preserves is Caramelised Red Onion chutney. I use it for so many different things. I spent some time two weeks ago making up a few jars for the pantry. It should be perfect to use right around autumn time.

I really do love to take seasonal food and use it as much as I can while it is available. Now I would love to say that I can grow all that we eat - but I can't. I don't have enough growing space and I think my gardening skills are average at best. BUT I am always on the lookout to take advantage of great deals in the grocery stores or at my local farm stall. So 'Harvesting' for me is not only using what I grow myself or gather from the hedgerows, it's 'harvesting' seasonal food from the grocery isles and farm stalls and then processing and preserving it at home. 

Getting out to the 'Pick-Your-Own' farms is a great way to get your seasonal food at it's freshest! During these months of abundance, I will make a few trips to our local 'Pick-Your-Own'.

 If apples, for example, are in abundance then I make applesauce, apple pies, chutney's and jams (my Apple Bramble jam is delish). Keeping the freezer and pantry stocked really gives me a sense of accomplishment and it really does save money as you are popping out to the store less frequently. 

The next month or two have a bounty of fruit and veg to offer and so I have been scouring my favourite cookbooks and listing recipes that will help me to take advantage of this productive time. I've recently bought a chest freezer and I intend to have it stocked with all manner of lovely things as we move into the colder and less productive months.

Do you take advantage of summers harvest at all - whether it be growing your own or harvesting from the grocery store?


  1. I've never managed to grow Sweet Peas, though I've tried. Hydrangeas do well here though and like you our bushes have been prolific. I dried some last year and the bouquet lasted all winter.

    1. Did the colour of the Hydrangea's remain after you dried them?

  2. I always make jams/pickles and chutneys. The taste of summer in a jar, perfect.


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