Thursday, July 07, 2016

A Foxy Affair...

Here's the second 'nature' post for the week. Yesterday I decided to take a walk up to the moor. 

To get there you walk up a country lane which crosses a railway line, and then take a public bridleway that is flanked on either side by hedgerows and farmers fields. The first bit of 'wildlife' spotted was a little domestic cat who was staring intently at something in the undergrowth beside the train track. Our presence and scrutiny of it's actions distracted it from it's task at hand...

We spotted lots of swallows - oh how I have missed seeing them dart around my garden as they did when we lived up in Derbyshire. Sadly our house is a little more urban than our last one so we don't get to see as much of the wildlife that prefers wider spaces.

I love the English countryside! At this time of year everywhere you walk your way is peppered with cow parsley, foxgloves, elder flowers, nettles, bracken, blackberry flowers, wildflowers of all kinds and best of all birds darting in and out of the hedgerows right in front of you.

Then of course there are the views. England is a land of views...

... and the fields - filled with happy sheep and cattle grazing in the warm summer sunshine, or summer showers as it may be :)

On this particular walk, the very best treausre that nature offered us was in an otherwise empty field. We spotted a little fox family! How exciting is that?! I have three favourite British wildlife animals, the robin, the fox and the hedgehog. I really love each one of them and am delighted whenever I see any of them. Obviously I get to see robins allot, but hedgehogs and foxes are a rare sighting. Now here we were standing on the edge of a field with not one but three foxes going about their foxy business. They seemed unaware of our watchful gaze and were just so relaxed.

I wouild really encourage you just to get out for a walk, take that meandering path, you never know what natural wonder you may happen on today!

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  1. What a wonderful sight to behold. I am blessed and often see a fox and family crossing the field from my dining room.

  2. Oh, how lovely, especially the views. Thank you for sharing these! I hadn't realized you lived in Derbyshire before--that always makes me think of Mr. Darcy and Pemberley. :)

  3. Thank you for taking us along!

  4. What a treat this post was! Your walk looks so magical...

  5. Beautiful views! Thanks for taking us on a walk.


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