Monday, June 13, 2016

Exploring England - Buckland Abbey, Devon

Back in March we visited the beautiful Buckland Abbey in Devon. I took loads of photo's because I wanted to share a little of our English heritage with you here on the blog. I then promptly got swept away with every day life and didn't get to share it with you. But better late than never right? Just imagine all the bare branches covered in leaves now ;)

This tranquil property is in the heart of the Devonshire countryside - just the drive out there put one in a calm and tranquil frame of mind. The narrow Devon lanes weaved their way up and down the valley's, twisting and turning amongst the hedgerows. It was early spring and chilly, but what a bright and clear day it was! Simply perfect to be exploring the English countryside.

As we made our way to the property we walked along the path enjoying the countryside vistas on all sides and the mischievous calls and darting of the blackbirds. I really love blackbirds, they have such character and their call so distinct. I can almost imagine that I am eavesdropping in on their high-pitched and frantic conversations :)

Most National Trust properties have a place that you can buy a few plants if you wish - this property is no exception. It being spring there was a large selection of spring bulbs.

The Barn - Impressive don't you think?
Buckland Abbey has a 700 year old history. The farms and estate were built by the Cistercian monks, and the famous seafarers Grenville and Drake shaped the house and changed the fate of our country. Yip - you read it right, this was the home of Sir Francis Drake. He purchased with the money he made/acquired as a privateer. It's amazing to think that we were walking through the very home of this famous character in history! What a blessing to live in England!

The gardens are definitely something I would love to see in the summer months. It's the kitchens and gardens that are usually my favorites in these properties.

I loved the paths leading to different 'garden rooms'. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have gardens like these and staff who knew just how to keep them and make them look their best :)

The house is just beautiful from the outside! The setting is simply magnificent and immediately brought to mind - believe it or not- was Alice in Wonderland!

I could just picture her playing in gardens such as these and chasing the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, can't you?

Or perhaps you can picture yourself hosting a summer garden party with everyone wearing flowing white clothes, pretty hats and playing croquet.

There would have to be bunting strung about of course and lots of ice-cold lemonade - with Pimms if you are so inclined. Yip! I could do living here rather nicely :)

We spotted some Drakes (pun intended) while walking around the gardens. The kitchen garden was rather bare as you can imagine for this time of the year with not much to photograph for you. But looky here...

These cottages sit below the main house and I believe that you can book them for a weekend or holiday. It all sounds lovely but I wonder how restful it would be with lots of visitors constantly walking by? Still - they are pretty aren't they?

Well we have come to the end of our little wander about Buckland Abbey. I hope you have enjoyed a little bit of the English countryside and her historical heritage. Re-living this visit with you has given me the urge to get out there soon and explore a few more houses this month.

Hope you are having a great start to the week friends...


  1. It is so beautiful!! It would be a wonderful place to stay, but you are right, not sure about the visitors, I guess if you are out all day and then just back in the evening when everyone else has gone home it would be OK. The gardens are lovely aren't they!

    1. They certainly are Amy. The gardens and the kitchens are usually my favourite in any NT property :)

  2. How lovely! Thank you for sharing. One of the things I love about England is all the history right there in the midst of everyday life. Here in the U.S. it can be a little harder to find.

    1. Pleasure Helena :) I love that about England too. Living in amongst hundreds and hundreds of years of history is a privileged. You have some great history too though, even if it is allot younger. I would love to visit Laura Ingalls Wilder's home, or Mount Rushmore, or.... the list could really go on and on lol.

  3. You certainly took us on a wonderful tour, it looked amazing. I bet it is even better now with its summer garden. A great place to visit.

    1. I think I might actually go back just for the gardens this summer ;)


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