Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Look At Family Health and Wellbeing...

If you are homeschooling family (but not only HS families ;) ) I am pretty sure that you have seen this on many HS blogs and media platforms...

I've seen this...

and lots of this...

And every time I have seen all the Young Living products I have to say I felt a little tugging at my heart. You see I would rather use natural things like aromatherapy, juicing and  homeopathy to combat and prevent illness in my family, and to a certain extent I do.

I use aromatherapy and natural alternatives to combat the sniffles. I used aromatherapy to assist my dd with the 'blues' after our move last year. I use clove and lemon oil along with washing soda to clean my floors and bathrooms. Lavender sachets are hidden throughout all our clothing cupboards and I usually have something diffusing in the burner. Headaches are always combated with a peppermint temple rub and herbal teas are fab for tummy troubles etc.  But I know that I could be using these things to much better effect. I even have books full of wonderful natural remedy recipes.

So this is not new to me. But I know that I have fallen into old habits since our move - gosh! moving is so disruptive on so many different levels! Anyhoo...
I suppose all the pictures I've been seeing about have kindda pricked my conscience in the area of family health. I want to do better. I want to assist our immune systems during times of illness or stress rather than medicate unnecessarily. I want to maintain and apply the same gentle approach to our health that we do to our learning.

For me it's starts here, with Young Living Essential Oils and products. But I'm also re-looking at my menu planning - can I source more organic food? Can I balance our nutrition better? Are there things that I can do myself from scratch that will allow me to cut out more hidden salts/sugars/toxins that we inadvertently pop into our bodies?

Like I said at the beginning of my post, I have known about these beautiful products and seen people raving about how wonderful they are and how they have really helped families who suffer with various allergies and ailments move onto a healthier way of living. So when I saw that this come up on my FB feed...

You can buy your own kit or any single product using this link. You will need to sign up as a retail customer before you start shopping :) but this link takes you through all the steps.
...I decided to take advantage of the 10% off offer on all premium starter kits. I just know I would not have purchased a kit at it's normal retail price. (BTW, this offer ends on June 30th) - now I am waiting impatiently for my kit to arrive :D 

... wishing you all a healthy and happy Tuesday.


  1. This is so timely for me, I have been thinking a lot about this very topic. Thank you for the link!

    Wishing you WELL in every way :)

  2. I am looking for some natural remedies and diet to help my husband with RA.


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