Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Late Spring Developments and Podcast News

Crikey! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I have been here. I'm not sure why that is, I just felt that I needed to be present in my day to day life. Does that make sense? I've been blogging for almost 10 years now so I suppose a bit of a break (unplanned) every so often is to be expected.

On the home-front we have been enjoying the most beautiful of springs. My garden just keeps on throwing up surprises and continues to be a delight to me. Now that the shrubs and trees all have their new leaves my garden feels like a tranquil oasis far from the daily grind of life. I think that's how a garden should be.

Outside my bedroom window, which is the front of the house, we have the most beautiful blossom tree. It really is so pretty, now towards late spring the blossoms petals are beginning to fall and carpet the grass and walkway's beneath. Leaves in autumn, blossom in late spring. What a lovely way to mark the seasons.

Baby birds are all about, this baby robin was being chased by a horrid Magpie the other day. I chased the cheeky bird away and the baby robin was able to collect itself for a while in the crook of the tree at the bottom of my garden.

A couple of days ago I wondered down to the summerhouse, I'm always careful to creep along the path in the hopes of catching a glimpse of our resident frogs. They are quick to swim to the bottom of the pond if they hear footsteps on the gravel. This particular morning my little frog must have been enjoying basking in the sunshine, because he did not budge when I walked his way. In fact I was able to nip back to the house and grab my camera. He sat perfectly still for his picture. Yesterday he was rescued by my daughter from the paws of death (kitty-cat paws). She found our cat battering him about while he played dead. She picked him up and as her hands neared the surface of the pond's water he sprang to life, jumping off her hand and swimming down to the bottom of the pond. He lives to see another day!

Do you know what I have been working on this week?

My first podcast! Soon you will be able to watch me waffling on about knitting and various things. I always find it quite fascinating when I get to watch a blogger that I have been following for a time on a podcast - they never sound like they do in my head - LOL. Like with Dawn from By Sun and Candlelight, she did a podcast with Jen from Wildflowers and Marbles and Misty (I think). When I read her blog she 'sounds' (in my head at least) like my sister-in-law who is Canadian. In 'real' life Dawn sounds nothing like my sister-in-law (obviously she is American not Canadian) but isn't it funny how we 'give' a voice to what we read.

So I've actually finished recording and editing. As I type the podcast is being uploaded BUT I'm not sure how the sound is going to turn out. On my computer is sounds awful but then again I have to use earphones if I am listening to a podcast on my computer because the speakers are just that bad. So I'm going to upload the podcast and see what it sounds like. If it's awful I will have to delete it and start again. 

Let me tell you - this podcasting thing takes hours! The recording part is easy, it's all the editing that is proving to be time consuming and mind boggling!

Anyhoo - I shall let you know when it is good to watch. Until then - have a wonderful day and I shall be back here as soon as the podcast is sorted.


  1. oo exciting, I'm looking forward to seeing your new podcast :) It's lovely putting a face and voice to a blogger

  2. I look forward to it! You are right, it takes sooooooo long to upload doesn't it, I find about 8 hours per 30 mins of recording time! Can't wait to hear your voice and see you!

  3. I am so glad you are enjoying your garden. Being the Nature supporter you are - you deserve that! :)

  4. As you have already said its nice to put a face to a blogger. Looking forward to hearing what you sound like.

  5. Lucky you to have frogs in your garden. That will keep down your snails and slugs. I was very amused that your cat liked playing with the frog! Beautiful blossom. Good luck with the podcast, I know what you mean about how you imagine people. I often get cross when I watch a film from a book I've read. They rarely match up characters with my idea of them. B x


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