Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thank You!

Wow! Thank you to every one who participated in my blog survey! I am so SO grateful to have received your feedback. It was really interesting to read, and it made me really happy to see that most of you are happy with the current content of my blog.

I was really thrilled to see what you want to see more of and it gives me a much better idea on what to share. Interestingly three topics were the most popular, Travel and Days Out & Organization posts scored tops followed very closely by more homeschooling posts.

Anglophiles unite!! In the comments section quite a few of you mentioned that you wanted to know more about living in England and seeing more of our countryside etc (Travel and Days out category). I TOTALLY relate to this. You see I'm as big an Anglophile as you seem to be LOL. As many of you know I am South African. My whole life was spent with a yearning and longing in my heart for England. It has been a country that has always captured my imagination and my heart.  When we finally moved here 5 years ago I felt like I had finally come 'home'.

I'm STILL wildly, madly and deeply in love with this land. Everything about it makes me happy. When we drive around visiting new sights, the countryside continues to totally capture my attention and my heart. The beauty is so astounding that it can bring tears to my eyes - honestly! I know it probably sounds lame but I have never felt so strongly about a country as I do about this one. There is NOWHERE I would rather be than in Britain.

So you can expect to see more of our country-side, villages, seasons and cities.

Manage Your Time and Home:: Under An English Sky
Organization took top place alongside Anglophile posts! I think I must take for granted how it is to have a well-established routine in place, or even to be able to put systems in place that aid in running a home, family and homeschool with ease. Truthfully this is one of my strengths, it is something I love doing. But I know that for many this is not the case and therefore tips and practical 'how-to's' are always helpful.

I was so happy that 'homeschooling' featured right up there too. As you know I started this blog to document our homeschooling days. With my blog being as old as it is, I often wondered if my readers were still homeschooling mums - I know it's not exclusively homeschooling mums but I was wondering how many were still interested. And it turns out quite a few of you want more practical homeschool related content. 

So once again - THANK YOU for your input. It has been invigorating for me as this blog's author to really get your insights and opinions. I should have done this years ago! LOL. Tomorrow I will kick off with a new series of posts called Crock-pot Chronicles.

Starts Tomorrow!

 Once a week, for the next 6 weeks, I will share one of our families favourite crock-pot recipes. A few of you have asked for me to share some of my crock-pot favorites over the past 6 months or so, and I keep forgetting. So with this little series of posts coming up it will help me to be more intentional about sharing :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday and I look forward to meeting with you all tomorrow again :)


  1. Speaking of posts about living in England--I have a question for you. I watch some British sitcoms (older ones, my favorite is still As Time Goes By), and whenever you see the kitchen in the show, they have this tiny under-the-counter fridge. And someone told me that quite often the washing machine will be in the kitchen as well. Is that typical? And if it is, does that mean you have to go grocery shopping every day or so for fresh items like produce, meat, and dairy? Probably a silly question, but it's something I've wondered about.

  2. Hi Helena,

    Most families have a large fridge while I suppose couples and singles might opt for the under-the-counter option. It's true, most often the washing machine will be in the kitchen as well but not always. We've lived in 4 houses since being in the UK. Two of them had a small room where I could keep my washing machine and the other two were in the kitchen. Currently my washing machine is in the kitchen. I don't have space for a tumble dryer, I could put it in the garage I suppose but I have these special racks that I hang over the radiators, and a clothes horse of course. Still it means that in winter our house (and many others) looks a bit like a laundry.

    The fridge is in the kitchen too and is a full size one so I don't need to go shopping for fresh produce every day. I usually go shopping once a week. I do have another chest freezer in the garage but typically I suppose people shop once a week. I think in America it is more typical to do bulk buying - but our houses are much smaller here so space is an issue. Not many people bulk buy here as you do in the States.

    1. Thank you for clearing that up! That makes sense.


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