Monday, February 29, 2016

Free Homeschooling and Planning Pages For You

One of the things that I have loved doing over the years is creating my own planner and notebooking pages. I have compiled a page (see above 'Free Pages For You') of some of the pages I have created that you might find useful to use in your own homeschool.

I have had these on the blog before but I think I may have taken them off during a 'clean-up' operations. But because allot of you mentioned in the survey that you would like to see more on our homeschooling, I thought I would kick that topic off with a few freebies. You are more than welcome to print them off and even share them on your blog - please do link back to my blog if you decided to share my pages.

My most popular pages (when last they were on the blog) were my weekly lesson planning sheets. They are totally Charlotte Mason inspired. The  illustrations I chose were images that spoke of a living education and a carefree childhood. I think we as homeschooling moms should be inspired daily in our prep don't you think?

I shall be creating more pages and adding them to the Free Pages page for you, so keep on checking in occasionally - but I will be sure to tell you about any updates here too.

Blessings to you all today...

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