Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Nature Walk

Well hello there! What a busy week it's been! Our school week has been severely interrupted with two days of interviews at college for DD1. I suppose it's par for the course when one of your children is in their final homeschool year and arrangements for the following year need to be made. We've managed to keep on top of the basics, Bible, Maths, English and today we had a lovely nature walk.

It's that nature walk that I want to share with you. We've had some pretty cold weather this week. Last night the rain rolled in and it really came down! This morning it was still raining but by midday the clouds had moved on and the sun came out - perfect timing for our nature time.

We walked down the road and into Long Timber Woods. It was soggy, but so pretty in the sunlight.

We were on the look out for winter weed seeds, but didn't find many in the woodlands. There were other things that caught our attention though. Moss, and lots of it - so pretty up close.

We found something not so nature-ish... a pair of sunglasses that were probably found along the track. Someone had thoughtfully picked them up and placed them just off the path.

The river is what captured our attention...

I have to say that it is impressive after lots of rain! We spent ages taking photographs and video clips. Just as we decided to head on home we caught sight of this...

Well we were really quite excited, we really wanted to watch them go down the river. So we waited around a bit and caught them on video. Of course now my eldest DD wants to do white water kayaking - these boys did make it look like fun :). So I'll love and leave you with our video. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. It is something that my husband and I did years ago, not sure I would want to these days. I can certainly see why your daughter would want to.

  2. It must have been good to get out for a walk after those days of interviews. Hope all goes well with the transition from homeschool to college for DD1 which I imagine will be in September. That water looks spectacular - fun for the canoeists, but cold! Have a good day and a lovely weekend whatever you're doing.

  3. I hope that all goes well for your daughter with college. The river was very full and flowing very fast too wasn't it. xx

  4. Simply beautiful - there is so much joy in a walk like this xx


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