Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Flowering Beauty... Small Joys

Each year there are little things that I do that are part of the natural rhythm of my life. I love to observe the seasons, both natural and liturgical. There is so much to love about life isn't there?

Each December I buy a single Amaryllis bulb. I pot it up just before December and the hope is that it will grow and bloom in time for Christmas. 

This year it worked out just perfectly! Each day I watched as it grew taller (visibly taller - these flowers grow quickly!). Soon what looked like a single flower bud, opened up to reveal 4 trumpet flower buds waiting to bloom.

One by one the flowers began to unfurl..

Sure enough, on Christmas day, every single flower was open. I was thrilled - it's such a small thing in life but brings such joy!

In these short dark days, there is nothing more joyful than a bit of sunshine and seeing the cheerful face of a flower in bloom.

Happy Wednesday all... see you back here very soon :)


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