Friday, October 09, 2015

Some Random Snippets From My Week

I have THREE frogs living in the pond in my garden. Each time I go to the summer house I tiptoe around hoping to catch a glance of these little creatures. They are very shy and if they hear my feet on the gravel path they dive quickly to the bottom of the pond. I haven't seen any of them over the past few days, I wonder if they have gone into hibernation. Perhaps it's still too early, I'll keep my eyes open. I am looking forward to seeing what happens in my pond come springtime :)

This week I went down into the village and was  stopped in my tracks by the colour of this tree. I must have looked very strange whipping my camera out of my handbag to photograph a tree and leaves in the parking lot - but I'm afraid that's just what a lover of the seasons and nature does :)

I love the simple beauty of this season. Leaves in the parking lot - has any parking lot ever looked so lovely as when a deciduous tree sheds it's leaves and carpets it's grey ugliness.

And a feline moment from this week...

...mother and daughter soaking up warm puddles of sunshine.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy every autumny moment :)


  1. They look adorable soaking up the sunshine. The colours of Autumn are all around us and I too am enjoying every moment, with the exception of the rain!

  2. beautiful post :) I love autumn the bestest ever--colors and cool weather!! That tree is a stopping in your tracks kind of tree.

  3. Bless them I love Autumn too xx

  4. I love Autumn too. Your cats are gorgeous


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