Friday, October 02, 2015

Out and About in Devon

This past weekend we spent two wonderful days exploring our new county. I thought that I would share a few pictures from our explorations, I'll start with Sunday's trip to Salcombe. What a cute little harbor town. 

Lots of quaint streets and lovely shops and a lovely harbor.

We enjoyed a lunch of fish and chips - you simply have to have fish and chips when you are in a town so closely linked to the sea :)

Lunch was followed up with ice-creams of course.

I loved this stack of lobster pots on the harbor wall.

As you can see we had glorious weather too! Just a perfect day in every way.


  1. Salcombe is so quaint and relatively unspoilt, love Devvon and esp their cream teas.

  2. Certainly looks like a great day out, fish and chips then ice cream what is not to like.

  3. It looks so nice! I wonder if there are many open fields upcountry...
    Love all that blue and white. And the lobster pots! Oh so picturesque!


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