Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Off The Needles...

I've had a super productive knitting time of late. I've had a couple of things on the needles for absolute ages. With the weather getting cooler I seem to have an insatiable desire to knit so those WIPS have been completed and a two new projects started and completed too.

I cast on A Little ruffle in August. This is a very simple knit and really should only have taken about a week, maybe two at the most. But as is usual life happened. We moved and then I lost the urge to do anything creative for a while. but slowly the urge to knit returned and - well - here we are. I finished it last week Sunday, blocked it on Tuesday, and have already worn it. It is super soft and warm, so delicate and pretty. I love it!

Now,remember that I spoke about my Baa-ble hat a couple of weeks ago? Well I have to say that this has been one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on in a long time, so much so that I have completed TWO hats already.

I chose to use Drops Air yarn. It is so soft and squidgy. It feels wonderful to the touch and is a delight to wear. 

All I need now is much colder weather so I can wear my hat lol.

I have decided that I really love colour work. I loved watching the design grow, in fact I think it's what made this project so enjoyable and why I completed two (my daughter requested one once I had finished mine) in such a short period of time. This project has inspired me to try my hand at more colour work for future projects. I have a pair of Fair Isle Christmas mittens that I started last year and shelved but I have dug them out and am excited to get them finished :)

Right - must dash - hope you have a wonderful Tuesday :)


  1. I love the shawl, such a great accessory for this time of year and the hat is a real delight, stunning!

  2. The shawl is wonderful. My knitting has slowed right down recently-I need to work on it again!

  3. Well done! They are both beautiful! I am so glad that your creativity has returned. It must mean that you are settling down a bit.

  4. beautiful shawl!! so pretty. and that hat! I want to make that one one day. So fluffy and warm looking.

  5. Oh my what lovely knits - well done my friend. I am like you when the weather turns colder I too want to knit - so cozy xx

  6. That hat is the best!! I want to get into color work but I've been intimidated thus far. Yours is picture perfect. :)

    1. Amanda I would really encourage you to give this pattern a go. It was super easy and quick to knit up. It's only my second attempt at color work. You are only ever using two colors at one time with this pattern so easy to do.

  7. You are so, so good at knitting! Those are super sweet, and the sheep on the hat! Oh my how cute!

  8. Oh these are gorgeous! You'll be all set for the chilly weather!


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