Tuesday, October 27, 2015

British 'Homegrown' Nature Study Curriculum - And A Special Offer For My Readers

If you have never done nature study in your homeschool before, it can be a rather daunting task to begin. "I don't have all the answers." or " I don't know enough" or even, 'Where do I begin?' are thoughts that often lead us to putting off including this wonderfully rewarding subject in our homeschools. 

The truth is that if you just begin you will find that you are learning alongside your children and that you are building on your own knowledge with each lesson that passes by.

Some of us would just prefer a bit of guidance from others who have been doing nature study for a while. A friend to come alongside us and show us the ropes if you will. If you are a British home educator then you will be thrilled to know that one of our own British home educating moms has put together a wonderful Charlotte Mason style nature study program. I am so excited to be able to share it with you today, this homegrown nature study curriculum, it's a gem to have in our homeschools. 

Of course let me just say at the outset that this year-long curriculum is not only for those on British shores, it is perfectly suited to adapt to your surrounds where ever you may live in the world.

Course of Study: Exploring Nature With Children by Lynn Seddon
Format: PDF download
Cost: $15.00 (regular price but I have a discount code for you - stay tuned to the end)

Exploring Nature With Children has been written by Lynn Seddon, a home educating mum in England. She uses a Charlotte Mason approach to her home education and has written this curriculum to fit in with that.

This is a complete year-long study that guides you effortlessly through the calendar year. Step by step you are given all the guidance you need to complete the nature study lesson. 

I loved that this curriculum has been based seasonally, so October lessons for example cover: Autumn Leaves, Autumn Pond Study, Autumn Tree Study and Pumpkins. Looking ahead I notice that in February one of the weeks covers Candlemas - how exciting! In my own home I tend to weave natural and liturgical things together so this is right up my street. The equinox's and solstices also have their chance to be looked at in this curriculum. There is just such a lovely gentle rhythm to this program.

Lynn begins her book with a lovely detailed conversation with her readers on how to use the book. She gives a comprehensive overview of what your nature time will look like. So you will know what to look out for on your nature walk.

 * She gives you reference reading from The Handbook of Nature Study
* She has suggested poems and additional books for you to read with your children
* and of course  a nature activity to complete together

She's even included:

 *Picture Study suggestions
*Extension activities to do together that cover other CM areas of study such as dictation, copy-work, how to set up and keep a nature journal, science. 

Honestly, this is SO-MUCH-MORE than just a nature study program.

I wanted to share some {not all, there has to be some surprises when you download your copy :)} of the topics that are covered over the year:

* Christmas Plants
* Winter Sky Study
* Caterpillars
* The Moon
* Museum Trips
* Winter Solstice
* Nesting Birds
* Garden Snails
* Wild Flowers
* Black Garden Ants
* Plant Life Cycle

I hope that that whets your appetite for this exciting curriculum:)

An added bonus to this curriculum is that Lynn has set up an 'Exploring Nature With Children' FB page where people can share pictures of their families nature adventures. I think its a fabulous support feature as you can join up and be part of this community of like-minded people.

Discount Voucher- As I mentioned above this PDF curriculum can be bought for the regular price of $15.00 BUT Lynn has very kindly offered my readers a 15% discount voucher valid until 15 November 2015! Isn't that wonderful? 

You can buy your ebook on Lynns Blog HERE. Type in the code SKY15 for your discount.

Disclaimer {got to have it} - Just to let you know that I have not received any compensation for this review. All thoughts are my own and I am genuinely excited about this product :)

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