Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Well Hello September!

It's here! The month that kicks off autumn. I'm so excited, this is my most favourite season - although I do love the uniqueness that each season brings to us. Sadly we are STILL not connected to the Internet so I am having to utilise my local library. We have a broadband engineer coming out to the house on Thursday - let's hope he can sort out our problem!

This weekend I put my first autumn touch in place. Every autumn my front door is flanked with the most beautiful pots of Chrysanthemums. There are so many colours to choose from but I always choose the same colour :). Now I don't have any actual pictures to share with you because - well I'm at a public computer and I feel a bit worried about plugging in a memory stick here and then back into my home computer - viruses and all that. But the 'mums' pictured above are exactly the same colour that I buy and once again have bought. 

Image result for school house images

Lessons started back for us today and I have to say that it is good to be getting back into our familiar routines. Summer holidays are always lovely, but slipping back into the way things run regularly in our home is comforting. The girls sailed through their lessons this morning, everyone was in high spirits and generally the atmosphere was just lovely.

Weekend news: we found a hedgehog out and about in our garden yesterday. We were not terribly happy to see him - you see if you see a hedgehog is out and about during the day it usually means that they are not very well. Sadly our reservations turned out to be well founded. This poor little fellow was indeed poorly and died a few hours after we found him. We had to dig a deep hole in the garden and bury him :(

Anyhoo - I'm going to love and leave you for today. I have lots to share but really want to show you pictures too - I have a feeling I can access WIFI here at the library which means I can bring my own computer with me next time and not worry about viruses etc. So - have a lovely Tuesday all and happy meteorological autumn!


  1. So sorry to hear about the hedgie. It sounds as though you gave him a good send off which is good. Hope that your internet is all sorted soon and that you can get down to enjoying the start of a new term. I need to get organised for autumn I have given in to it today, so I have copied and pasted some of your previous autumny lists to get me inspired! xx

  2. Love the colour of Chrysanthemum you have chosen so synonymous with Autumn and the striking colours.

  3. Oh, the poor little hedgie. I didn't know that fact of seeing one in the daytime hours means it's ill. As far as seasonal changes, we are still late summer here. Once in a while we'll get a whiff of autumn in the air, but we're in a heat wave now. One of my friends told me yesterday that she didn't care, she's still burning her fall-inspired candles at home!


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