Saturday, September 12, 2015

Etsy Shop News

This week has seen lots of restocking of our Etsy shop. My daughter has worked hard on putting together the cutest little planner charms...

and paperclip sets...

I have managed to sew up three more planner pouches. Initially I listed three just to get a feel of the market. Well they all sold out so there must be a market for them. I know that I personally use mine all the time. If my planner is in my handbag then it's in it's pouch.

I love the autumn Horse Chestnut and British phone box fabric. I have a few more great British print fabrics that I will sew up into pouches, they are just gorgeous - I love them :)

Wishing you all a wonderful day :)


  1. Such lovely things! No wonder they are all so popular in your shop. I don't have a planner, but if I did, I would especially love the middle of the three cases you have made! xx

  2. love it all!!! So fun. Your daughter is so creative!!

    I see quilt blocks and spools of thread and thimbles - as a set of paperclips. (just an idea) :)


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