Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Summer Homeschooling Days

"A pinch and a punch for the first of the month", that little rhyme surfaced in my thoughts this morning for some reason - it hasn't since childhood - but today it did lol. So a very happy first of July to you all!

Summer is a short season in England, but I know that it is even shorter in the Nordic countries so I feel grateful for each and every glorious summers days we have. In March I made a little 'list' book for my Midori Travellers Notebook. I wanted to have a 'summer bucket list' as well as a little place to record the fun things that we actually get to do over the summer. One of those things was to 'picnic, picnic and picnic some more' :) and with this glorious weather we are having I'm taking advantage. 

Now I don't believe that every picnic you have has to be this hugely thought out and labor intensive activity. It can, and should, sometimes be spontaneous.

I don't think you have to load up the car and travel to the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic, it can happen in your own garden, and that's what we decided to do today.

While I put together a plate of food each (yummy left-overs from last night) one of the girls laid out the picnic blanket and the other organised us each a nice cold glass of water. We sat in the shade of the magnolia tree and enjoyed watching the insects buzz about and a gentle breeze brought a bit of welcome relief from the heat.

Of course there is something about all relaxing outdoors that brings out the spontaneous need to frolic about a bit in all of us :)

We then lay back on the picnic blanket at enjoyed our read aloud time together. 

I love these summer homeschooling days :)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun :) If it ever stops raining I plan to follow your example (she said with chagrin. so rainy this summer!)

    I was wondering - a post or two back you mentioned your Wodehouse read aloud - could you please tell me the title of that book again? I can't seem to locate it. I had it in my bookstore cart, but it seems to have disappeared. Many thanks :)

    I so admire the fact that you still read aloud to your girls. I an going to start that riight back up - and we love Wodehouse, so your book will be perfect.

    You and Dawn have me almost convinced to join FB. It seems like that's where a lot of the fun is these days...

    1. Hi Penny,

      FB is not for everyone. In fact I have a strong love/hate relationship with it. I can see how it is useful in keeping up with far-flung family and friends but there is so much I don't like about it. I've been on and off it three times!

      Our current read aloud is Daddy Long-legs by Jean Webster. You can actually down load it onto your kindle for free or you can read it off your ipad or computer through Gutenberg.
      We've been reading it for a few months now, it takes a bit longer as I have a 'morning basket' schedule for the week. By this I mean that I have about 3 books that are read aloud books and I schedule them throughout the week. So Friday for example we will concentrate on our nature related read aloud, Wednesday is Dickens and the other three days will be our fiction book.

      Hope that rather long winded explanation helps :)

    2. Very much, thanks! I like your morning basket routine... hmmm... I'm going to have to ponder that...

      Enjoy this lovely day!

  2. Sounds wonderful. I haven't heard that phase since my daughters left home, it was a ritual on the first of the month for many years.


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