Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Coat For... Filofax. I know - how ridiculous! I have seen people 'babying' their planners in the planner community. Insisting on putting their Filofaxes into fabric covers and then into their handbags. "WHY???" I wondered. What a pain to have to get it out every time you needed to use it.

Up to now I have been using a Filofax Finsbury. This Filofax is tough and stands up to quite a bit when tossed about and hanging out with some sharp objects in your handbag (thinking keys here). It never picked up any scuff marks, transfer marks or any other sort of marks - which would drive me mad BTW.

For ages I've had my eye on the Fluro Pink Filofax Original. It's so pretty and bright - perfect to use in the summer. (Yip! I'm one of those who uses planners like handbags swapping them out according to season and how I feel at the time). After scouring the web for a decently priced one (despite my planner fetish I cannot justify spending £60 plus on a planner - no matter how cute. It has to be a bargain :), and selling one on EBay that I wasn't too fond of, I managed to bag a brand new Original for a cost of £8.00 to me.

It arrived and I wasted not time in 'moving in' (planner talk for taking the inserts out of one planner and popping them into another one lol). Yesterday I took my planner out of my handbag and found a transfer mark from my purse on the back of it. It looks like a faint black stamp. I tried to clean it off but alas this particular leather cover seems to be hard to clean. The mark has not budged. I now had insight as to why people slip their more 'delicate' Filofaxes into a protective cover when popping it into their bags.

So yesterday afternoon I took out my sewing machine and made a dent in my fabric stash. I wanted my fabric sleeve to be simple in design but pretty - of course. The sleeves are reversible with no fussy zippers or closures, a simple folded down top makes for a nice decorative feature but still being practical in the way of easy access. 

I made two sleeves, one to hold my Fluro pink and another to hold my Christmas planner - which also happens to be an Original.

The design seems to be working as popping the Filofax into the sleeve is not as tiresome as I thought it would be. It slips in and out quite easily without having to be manipulated and fiddled with at all.

I've decided to make a few more and put them in my Etsy shop and see how and if they sell. If they don't, well then I guess I'll have a variety of sleeves for my planners - the shop is currently on a break while I restock ;)

Now I had to squeeze this final picture into this post - it's not in any way planner related but I do love it...

While cooking supper last night I looked out of the kitchen window and noticed that a soft summer rain was falling. I took a moment to appreciate my kitchen- window view, I do love the rain. It makes one feel warm and cosy if you are indoors and I love the fresh smell that it brings.

I thought I would try and capture the moment so took out my camera and headed out of the conservatory door. Immediately my eyes fell on three pigeons sitting on the fence. They were all puffed up and patiently waiting for the shower to pass. rain drops dripped from their beaks and feathers - I have to say I felt rather sorry for them.

The shower was soon over then they perked up and flew off.

Today is a bit brighter which is just as well as I am taking a friend who is out visiting from South Africa sight seeing today! Small mercies :) 

On that note I shall bid you farewell and a happy Thursday to you all!


  1. Happy Thursday to you too, we have intermittent showers here as well. I love the covers the fabrics you have used for both are a real delight. You certainly got a bargain with ebay I must have a look at that.

  2. Wow, your pigeons are so big compared to ours! Beautiful!

  3. Shirley, even though we talked planner sleeves over on the Philofaxy Facebook page the other day, I just wanted to tell you that your planner sleeves are lovely and I'll pop into your etsy shop as soon as you have some listed!
    By the way, I'm like you: I treat my planners as seasonal accessories and move in and out of them too! :)

    1. Hi Carina - yes we did :). Thank you for the compliment - you are so sweet. Just to let you know that I have listed three covers and 6 dashboards in the shop already. I've had such fun putting them all together - and I'm so glad that there is someone else who moves in and out of her planners lol.

  4. During my working years (40 of them) in Property Management, besides being a Pastor's wife, and 4 children.... I had to be organized. I live and breathed my Franklin...and loved to color and mark it as you do. So I understand your passion, and btw you really know how to do a Planner......first class. A+.

    But now in the Winter of my life.....retired...I have a large calendar on my frig and a small one in my works for me.

    Love reading about yours so keep up the good work.


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