Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beautiful June

Hmmmm, this year I have not touched a thing in the garden - apart from the weeds and transplanting a few strawberry plants into pots, and what do you suppose is happening? 

Well, the garden is thriving! Honestly I think this could be a lesson in not to be over zealous in pruning. My apple trees branches are absolutely laden with young fruit...

The rose bushes are the same... please excuse the one dead-head - must go and snip it off after I've finished this post :)

my strawberries have got a nice bunch of berries developing...

and the poppy seeds that I casually shook over the beds last autumn are prolific and should bloom in the next two weeks or so.

Already the ones along the front of the house are splitting their safe little green nests :)

I just LOVE this month. The garden really seems to come into it's own at this time. Someone else is loving the warmer days too...


Is that a bird I hear? Yummmm

Better first check to see if anyone is watching...

Yip! Better not try it!!

A few blooms from the garden...

I'm loving my Irises at the mo.

Yellow and Pink - so pretty together.


and poppies...

... of all kinds.

I love this Victorian Cross poppy (I think that's what they were called) that was brought out last year for the WW1 centenary

I'm loving this little bed just below my bedroom window. It's so pretty. Those little white flowers become masses of orange berries in the autumn. The blackbirds love them and I often see and hear them gathering the fruit in the fall. 
**SIGH** I do love this month! Don't you?


  1. you have a beautiful garden! Ours is still in the making, we plant perennials and some make it through the winter and some do not. We are learning!

  2. oh it looks simply beautiful :) I'm loving this time of year too. Your Victorian Cross poppy is gorgeous, I've not seen one like that before. I've only had one poppy flower so far and my daughter managed to knock the petals off it the afternoon it opened :( There are more buds on their way though

  3. I'm so intrigued... what are those white flowers in the last photo? They turn into orange berries. Do you know the name of this plant? Is it something that comes back on it's own - every year?

    Oh - and I love poppies, too!! Especially, in paintings... so pretty and delicate looking! I do love June!!

    1. Hi Bevy, it's called a Pyracantha angustofolia or more commonly known as the 'Firethorn' this one is the Orange Firethorn. The 'Red Firethorn' has red berries and there is also a yellow variety that has yellow berries :)

      Yes it comes back on it's own every year - very hardy. It's survived being covered in snow so it will keep coming back. If you plant it next to a wall you can train it to cover a huge area of wall - needless to say this looks quite splendid in the fall. Mine is rather small but my neighbors - Oh wow - what an autumn display his puts out. He has one whole wall of his house covered in orange berries in the autumn.

  4. You certainly have a beautiful garden, I am sure you will miss it when you move house. Have a great weekend.

    1. I really am going to miss it. Hopefully we will find a home with a nice garden :)

  5. It is amazing how nature knows exactly the right things to do, whether we tend to the plants or not! Your garden is beautiful and you have so many beautiful flowers too! I love the orange and blue combo and your roses are stunning!!!! xx

  6. Oh my! So, so gorgeous! I am jealous of your foxgloves! I have planted some, but they are not blooming like I thought they would. And that Victorian Cross Poppy is one I've never seen before - so beautiful! Will you take any plants with you when you move?

    1. Nicole, I have already started taking clippings and propagating some of my favorite plants, like the Firethorn. I'm planting some foxglove seeds so that they will flower next year. Hang in there with your own Foxgloves BTW - they are biannuals so you should get better blooming the year following your sowing.

  7. Yes, I do so love this month too! It never ceases to amaze me how things in the garden that looked quite dead a month or so ago, suddenly spring back to life and reveal their beauty. Your garden is looking just beautiful, thanks for sharing the pretty pics with us.
    Happy weekend,
    hugs xx

  8. Beautiful garden. Hoping you'll manage to find another lovely home in the next move xx

  9. Oh Shirley your garden is beautiful thank you for sharing your photos I have so enjoyed looking at them xx


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