Monday, April 06, 2015

Happy Sunshiny Day

Hello Everyone! Happy April and Happy Easter! I hope that you all had a very blessed Easter with your loved ones. Ours was lovely and busy. Being in the choir we have had lots of services to sing at from Maundy Thursday. Resurrection Sunday saw my eldest daughter and I up with the sparrows as the choir had to sing at the 'Sonrise' 6am service! Eeeep - by midday I was exhausted!

However both services were lovely, it is a blessing to be in the house of the Lord on this most glorious day! Our little country church looked splendid with all the spring daffodils blooming along the pathways. I really am going to miss this church and it's lovely congregation when we move to Plymouth.

Today was just splendid! We had highs of 18 degrees C! What a treat. We decided that we simply could not pass by the opportunity to break out the picnic gear and have our first picnic of 2015.

We headed out to Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire, just 17 miles from home. It was lovely but I had forgotten it was a Bank Holiday today and the place was absolutely heaving with people all out enjoying the sunshine.

In the garden spring as definitely arrived. With our move to Plymouth set to happen around July, I know that there will be no veggie garden form me this year. I'm a bit sad about that but while we were down scouting out Plymouth I found a few lovely farm shops so I will make sure that I maximise them to the fullest - and the countryside's bounty of course.

This week we have a few lovely things to look forward to. We are still enjoying our Easter break - back to lessons next Monday. We have a friends birthday party on Wednesday, and a trip to the {indoor} water park on Friday with another set of lovely friends.

I have a bit of lesson planning to do for the new term - more on that later on in the week- and I want to put together a moving cleaning and To Do schedule. Other than that, we fully intend to enjoy the warmer, more settled weather that we are set to enjoy for this whole week - yay!

Hope you had a lovely Easter Monday all - see you back here soon.


  1. Beautiful looking church and looking splendid with the daffodils, our church too has some beautiful daffodils.

  2. happy Easter, that church is so beautiful and I love that your spring bulbs are out!! We are patiently waiting..

  3. Beautiful post, Shirley! Your country church really is lovely, and so are all the flowers in bloom. We're enjoying a beautiful spring, too, here in North Carolina in the southeast U.S. I always enjoy reading your blog with its glimpses of the English countryside.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. Big changes ahead! Hope the pre moving prep goes well x

  5. Hope you all had a blessed Easter my dear friend xx


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