Sunday, March 01, 2015

In Like A Lion

Well hello everyone! A quick stop in to say Happy St. Davids Day.

Has March come in like a lion or lamb for you today?

 Here in Derbyshire England we have lots of sunny spells at the moment, but there is also a very strong wind blowing, so it's in like a lion for us I think. Whether it goes out like a lamb later on, well, we shall have to wait and see :)


  1. We had a howling blizzard, but a cheerful pot of daffodils on our dining table brightened the day.

  2. Hi there, in my neck of the woods across the pond we had about 4 inches of snow yesterday. I can't wait for spring! Have a nice week.

  3. Hello from Northern California. Our day here started out sunny but has quickly turned to dark skies. My husband and one of our sons has headed up the hill a bit to ski. He called to say they are having white out conditions and a blizzard. So I guess you can say the lion has come in with March in this little part of the world.
    Love all your pictures from England. What a beautiful place.


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