Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I Had A Feeling...

...that my new homeschool planner would arrive today! I've had it on back-order since January. At the beginning of March I received an email from Christianbook.com letting me know that my planner for 2015/2016 had been dispatched and was on it's way.

I was so excited to see the postie with a Christianbook.com box in his hand this morning :) 

The Well Planned Day starts in July so I'll get to use it for a few weeks before we break for the summer.

I have been using the 'A Simple Plan' homeschool planner from Mardel for this current school year and although it has many wonderful features I have found it far to big and heavy. It has many wonderful things it it but allot of it I have not used making all those pages quite redundant to me. So I have gone back to the Well Planned Day for this next school year and think that I will more than likely stick with this planner in the future. 


  1. I have been debating about this planner - I hope you enjoy it all year long!

  2. I sure like the cover. Have a great day!


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