Friday, February 06, 2015

Love Makes The World...

... a much better place!

St. Valentines Day is just over a week away which means it's a GREAT opportunity to reflect this little celebration within the home. I love my little valentine touches and so have put them up today so that we have a good week to enjoy them.

I collected some fallen twigs from around the garden and put them into a vase. Then I hung all the little crochet hearts I made last year on it's branches. This twig tree will now stay in place throughout Lent and Easter,  will simple change the little decorations as the spring progresses to reflect whatever celebration is being marked.

My hook has been busy these past two days as I found the most gorgeous crochet roses heart wreath on Pinterest and just had to have it! Using scraps of yarn I crocheted 25 beautiful little roses.

Then I cut a heart shape from a piece of card, threaded some ribbon through so I could hang it up once done, and using a hot glue gun glued all the roses onto the heart frame.

Taadaaah! I LOVE it. My conservatory is certainly reflecting allot of  love at the moment :)

If you look at the background of this pic you will notice that the snow is melting. Today has been an absolutely beautiful sunny balmy (if you can call 5 degrees C balmy ;) ) day. The sky has been the most glorious of blues and the birds have been singing their little hearts out - If I could sing so sweetly I would be singing right along with them.

It's been such a lovely day in fact that Miss J-L (daughter number 2) expressed her deep desire to see summer back. Summer means more time outside, watching dad mow the lawn on the sit-on mower, looooong days, flowers and butterflies - her words not mine :)

I have to say, today certainly gave us a great boost of vitamin D - a natural 'happy' drug. But I'm not quite ready for summer yet - there's still spring to look forward to and all the wonderful celebrations that rest within that season. 

Life's simple pleasures are delightful - don't you think?

Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. I've been crocheting teeny tiny hearts with cotton 4 ply and a 3mm hook. Sweet but I will need too many. Do you have a pattern for yours that you can share please? The crochet roses on the heart are really pretty too

  2. Hi Catherine, I have had a look through my magazines and cannot seem to find the pattern I used. I recently did a a bit of a clear out and I have a nasty feeling that the pattern could have been in that cleared out pile! I have managed to find a basic heart pattern on Ravelry which looks very similar to the one I used.

  3. I'm with you on that one - most often the simplest of things are also the loveliest 😊 And I love your heart wreath, it's just gorgeous!
    Happy weekend to you too - enjoy the sunshine,

  4. The heart wreath is beautiful, I love the crochet roses. The twigs with the hearts is a stunning idea, I usually do that for Easter. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  5. I love your heart wreath!! I want to make one now!! Have a great week!

  6. So much Valentines love in your home. I love the idea with the twigs. Your wreath came out so pretty too.

  7. This is such a lovely wreath you have made. I love the photo with the snow melting. I miss the four seasons of the year. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day from southern California :)

  8. Your heart wreath is so pretty. Such a great idea.


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