Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Little 'Happy' Things

Yesterday I finished up stitching my little winter cross stitch. I absolutely love these little seasonal patterns from Gazzette94. If you remember, I stitched the autumn pattern last year. So two of the seasons are now done, two more to go.

You cannot really see it in these pictures but the Aida fabric has little bits of silver woven into it which makes it look a little icy - perfect for a winter stitchery I think.

Another little happy thing today is that I bought my first bunch of spring Daffodils. These January and February are always punctuated with the bright yellow blooms in my home - store bought until the ones in my garden come into bloom, then it's garden fresh blooms :)

This little winter cushion ornament will more than likely be displayed on my kitchen windowsill where I can see this happy little red Cardinal (which is completely not native or found here in England) while I cook and wash the dishes.

Now that I have finished this little cutie-pie I can start on my February projects, a valentines card for DH and a birthday card for DD :)


  1. I love the little winter cushion, brightens up the dreariest of days.

  2. A very happy cushion! I'm sorry you don't see cardinals in the UK, though. I didn't know that. We see them all the time here in the American south. I love catching sight of a flash of red through the branches of leafless trees.

  3. It's just lovely! I love cardinals and have lots in my garden. I will have to add this to my stitching list. :-)

  4. Oh it's just darling. You have a lot of patience.

  5. What a lovely design. I love it. Daffodils are one of my favourites always bring cheer to a room xx


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