Tuesday, January 06, 2015

In A Word

Happy New Year to you!!

This afternoon I was sitting in the conservatory with one of my kitties and we were both watching the birds visiting the magnolia tree which is strung with all sorts of birdy delights. I suspect that the cat and I were enjoying their antics for completely different reasons and I am glad that panes of glass separated my little feline companion from our winged friends :)

So, 2015! I am excited about this new year. My 'word' for this year is "savour".

The Oxford dictionary defines "savour" like this: To enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) to the full, especially by lingering over it.

With 2014 having been a year that seemed to pass by in a blur and consequently is not one I particularly enjoyed, I think that "Savour" sums up how I want to spend 2015.

* I want to savour moments, times, conversations with my husband and children.

* I want to savour our homeschooling time, before I know it this exciting journey will be complete.

* I want to savour quiet moments. I want to watch the birds, think thoughts and gaze at the views of our magnificent British countryside.

*I want to savour the seasons. The snowfalls, the frosts, the bracing cold temperatures, the sunshine and warmth, the rainfall and sunsets.

*I want to savour how life is now. The little things that bring joy, make memories and make our lives whole and bursting with love

* I want to savour the gentle rhythm of the liturgical year, walking in purposefully in faith with my hand resting in Jesus'

*I want to savour visits and conversations with my dear friends. I have been so blessed with precious friends since moving to England and I am grateful for their love and friendship.

* I want to savour my garden. The times I prepare the earth, plant, nurture and harvest.

SAVOUR - it is a good word for me to live by this year :)

Blessings in Christ to you all...


  1. A perfect word! And it fits in with my thoughts about the upcoming year, too. I tend to live in a tornado of activity a lot of the time, leaving me with few opportunities to savor anything. Thanks for this reminder!

  2. What a wonderful word and a great list of things you want to savour. A truly wonderful way to live.

  3. 2014 passed by for us in a blur so 'savour' is a wonderful word to live by in 2015 my friend. Happy New Year to you. We will shortly be visiting South Africa and looking forward to 'savouring' every minute there xxx

  4. Your word sounds just right! I hope and pray that you manage to savour every moment of this forthcoming year and recognise God's hand guiding you ever step of the way.

    San xx

  5. I do love your word, a perfect word and one I could easily adopt in my life! May you savour 2015!!


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