Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Snow Walk Before Lessons

I'm sorry if this is boring ;) but I guess my joy at getting the white stuff is because I grew up in Africa - where there is not much of it. What there is happens high up and requires hours of driving :) 

So this morning we woke to a white wonderland - oh so pretty! It had snowed very lightly all through the night but really picked up allot just after we woke around 7 this morning.

I love how vibrant the daffodils look against the white backdrop don't you?

Anyhoo, I decided to give the girls a snow-break from lessons for a bit so that we could get outside and enjoy the falling snow and do a bit of sledging. That's the great thing about homeschooling, we can grab opportunities that come along at the drop of a hat. We bundled off and set out.

This snowfall has delivered more wet snow this time round. Boxing Day's snow was certainly more dry, we struggled to form snowballs from it. But this time we had no problem. The girls had a few downhill rungs and then convinced me to have a go. "Come on mum, you have to be 'fun mum' this winter" - thanks Boots advert!

So I did, who can argue with the Boot's advertising slogan lol.

We then made our way down to the lake, it was pretty much frozen over. All the waterfowl were skating along the top, there was only a small patch or two of broken ice for them to swim in.

We continued on our walk, enjoying how different the landscape looks when covered with snow. The girls relieved some bowing branches of their snow loads with much delight as I happened to be under one of them at the time.

After having walked in the falling snow for a good 25 minutes we were beginning to feel a bit wet and cold so headed home. Home was a welcome sight :)

We shook off the snow, grabbed a hot drink and opened the school books. All longings for the white world outside completely satisfied and minds able to concentrate on lessons :)

Happy Wednesday all...


  1. beautiful walk about. I love snow and I grew up with it :) We haven't had much this year so I'm going to enjoy yours virtually.

  2. Not boring! My children are hoping for snow which hasn't hit the south of England yet.

  3. No wonder you love snow so much! And we are having the most beautiful snowfall of the winter here today--everything is perfectly lovely!

  4. What joy to be able to drop everything and enjoy the snow with your daughters, looks like a great walk. We had a light dusting of snow on Saturday with lasted a few minutes and then it disappeared just as quick.

  5. Oh I sooo know what you mean - as a fellow African, I have to admit I was quite disappointed when we woke up this morning and there wasn't any snow! I'm so annoyed at the weather forecasters for getting my hopes up! It just makes everything so pretty, doesn't it. Sounds like the perfect start to a winter morning to me :-)
    Hugs xx

  6. Oh my what lovely photos thank you for sharing them with us. It shows that we have to seize the moments. I adore your daffodils xx

  7. Lovely photos and very happy memories x

  8. Beautiful photos! How did you manage to get daffodils this time of year? JEALOUS.

    1. Aaah. Helene, the daffodils I bought at my local grocery store. They seem to stock them from January each year. They must be hothouse daffs because the ones in my garden have only just peeked up through the ground. They still have a way to go before blooming 😊

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