Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Knitting News

I have not been able to share what I've been knitting for the longest time as they have all been destined as Christmas gifts for some lovely friends, but now that they are finished I have started on a few things for my own family. Not gifts - just winter requests and with the temperatures remaining rather arctic here in England they are certainly going to need them this winter!

On the needles... I am knitting my husband an Antler hat for winter. Now that I have one of these under my belt so to speak, I think I will whizz through this knit. I am making a slight adjustment by doubling the ribbed brim width so that it can be folded back and adding a pompom - it seems to be the rage at the moment here in England. I am using Drops Nepal in Dark Grey. I love Drops yarn, 'Nepal' is Aran weight, a wool/alpaca blend which makes it super soft and a bargain at just £1.50 a ball! Can't go wrong there.

Reading: My cousin mentioned that she was reading Rosamunde Pilcher's 'Winter Solstice', a favourite of hers to read as Christmas approaches. So I took that as a recommendation and bought a 2nd hand copy off Amazon. I love Rosamunde Pilcher's books, she is such a great author. My all time favourite of hers is The Shell Seekers. I am only a chapter or two in at the moment but am hooked! Will share more once I am a bit further in.

A little acquisition...

Pompom makers! I wanted to add a pompom to a knit that I was working on, I remember making them as a child using two cardboard circles. I know that I could have done this again but when a friend told me that she had pompom makers and that there were having a bit of a pompom love affair in her house, I thought I would get my own. I'm so glad that I did. The are durable, super easy to use and I just love these cheery little additions to my knitting. I'm thinking of making loads of red and white ones to hand as baubles in the windows of my conservatory for Christmas.

A Recent Finish...

A friend of mine shared with me that she knits little hats to go into her annual Operation Christmas Child boxes each year. Well I love this idea and although I was too late to include little hand-knit hats in this years boxes, I have started using up my odd balls to make hats for next years boxes. My daughter added the pompom after I bought the pompom makers - she was desperate to try it out :) - so these little hats will be tucked away somewhere safe until next year.

Pop over to Ginny's blog and see what others are knitting and reading :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Love your idea about starting to knit ahead for next Christmas' hats. And I absolutely love the fact that someone other than me rereads Winter Solstice - give your mother my best! I reread it after the weather turns to winter and enjoy it all over again - I love the story line and the characters. I know the outcome, but enjoy walking the paths with each person, seeing anew the way they cross and turn and come together once again. Enjoy!

  2. I've read her a long time ago but I did enjoy her writings. Love the pom pom and I love the idea of whizzing through a project :)

  3. Love the pom pom maker, I think I might add that to my wish list.

  4. Rosamond Pilcher was one of my grandmothers favorite authors. I would buy her the large print editions. I am knitting some hats and will probably add some pom poms. Your little gadget looks perfect!

  5. Pompom makers what wont they think of next, lol. Hope you are having a good week.


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