Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Very Autumnal Yarn Along Post :)

This week there has been a noticeable drop in temperature here in the UK, and I'm LOVING it! I love each season and all the uniqueness that each has to offer, in my opinion temperatures are to be chilly in autumn and winter is to have lots of frost and snow :)

In fact, we had our first frost yesterday, I was so excited I rushed out to take a few 'first frost' snaps. Here's a peek at what greeted us yesterday morning for you...

The autumn mist soon cleared away and we had lovely sunny blue skies although cold temperatures for the remainder of the day.

All this cooler weather provides much inspiration in the way of knitting and stitching. Currently on the needles I have the GAP-tastic Cowl from Ravelry. I'm loving this knit, it's easy to pick up and work on and not much concentration required. This is going to make my daughters neck cozy and warm this winter as well as looking fab :)

Needle and thread... I'm stitching a little winter ornament, a great little freebie found here.
I'm hoping to have it all finished and stitched up by the end of November.

NOVEMBER! Can you believe it? I have to say that I am very glad that this year is drawing to an end, it's been a strange, disjointed and stressful one for us in some areas. November seems to have brought in a sense of peace that comes with knowing that you are close to the finishing line lol. And Advent! It's just around the corner, we are so excited. We do love Christmas in our home, just the atmosphere, the shorter days that require candles to be lit around the home around 4 in the afternoon. The warm comfort food and loads of festive baking to indulge in. Oh so much to love about this time of year!

Right - I seem to be waffling now so I will bid you farewell and see you back here very soon :)

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along


  1. I love the first frost as well, or I use to before I moved far South! Your cowl is lovely.
    The cross stitch is perfect for the season. I have done a little cross stitch but.... can never seem to get my stitches to look symmetrical, lol.

  2. What a wonderful post, I love that you are so excited about the season. I love the yarn you are using for the cowl, perfect it will match anything.

  3. I love november as well. Who wouldn't?? lovely stitching and knitting and that fog you captured is beautiful.

  4. That cowl looks so warm and snuggly - though I have to admit, it's still to warm to think of wearing one here!

  5. What beautiful frost photos. I live by a big field now too and I just love looking at the frosty leaves and grass! The cream is such a nice color for the cowl!


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