Friday, August 29, 2014

A Bit Of Creative Therapy

Nearly two weeks ago my lovely mother-in-law arrived for a two month stay from South Africa. We get on really well, both of us mad about X-Stitch, quilting, sewing, knitting etc. So needless to say I have been spending less time here and more time enjoying her company and getting in lots of stitching.

I've finished a little autumn stitchery which I just love. Now I'm trying to decide if I should frame it, turn it into a cushion or do something more elaborate. The Twisted Stitcher has lots of ideas on how to finish off your stitching. With autumn just around the corner this little piece of stitching would make a great addition to my autumnal decor.

This little fellow came in the latest publication of The World Of Cross Stitch as a free kit. He has two siblings that are needing stitching too. He is going to grace the front of a Christmas card this year. I have decided to make all my own cards and have also commissioned a few cards from my girls in exchange for buying them the card magazines and kits ;) So far I have four lovely cards in my Christmas card stash.

And a recent purchase to add to my fabric stash...

Lots of lovely oranges. I love this little spider fabric - the only kind of spider I like actually ;)
Miss V-L and I are busy making up some cute Trick or Treat bags for our shop. She is terribly creative and has designed some super applique designs. We are still busy sewing them up but I will be sure to post some pics as soon as we have the first few made up. 

Have a lovely Friday all, mine is filled with more stitching, sewing and and afternoon visit from a lovely friend - lots of tea, chatting and jam tarts ;)

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  1. I always love to see what others are stitching. I love cross-stick and embroidery myself - I admit, much more than knitting and crochet. The movement of the needle moving up and down is so soothing. With my babies small I stopped doing it for a few years, but with my youngest one now 3, I think I might just have time to spend some evenings stitching this winter.

    Your fall embroidery would like nice in a gold or bronze look frame, I would think. Nicely done!


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